Thursday, October 4, 2012

September!? New FOs

How can we be having the NewFo linky party at Cat Patches for September so soon? I can tell you lots of things I did in August and even for October I've gotten a lot done. September...uh...I can't think of anything that actually happened. I know I sewed because I have quilts, but I think there may have been something cosmically strange about Sept. So I'm just going to put up pictures and assume I made them sometime in Sept. or maybe August, definitely not Oct. 

First I made some "no think" quilts, you know, just cut and sew, you don't really need to think about much.

These two were all about the fabric and colors

Too big, I physically hurt after finishing this one, lots of wrestling. 

I've been playing with applique, I haven't done much before now, but I want to learn so I did some practicing.

Silly, but fun

I love the Delilah fabric, it seemed perfect for these hearts.

My first attempt at freezer paper. I like the way it works, but I burned the heck out of my fingers. I guess we suffer for our art.

That's it, I finished everything (I feel like such a loser). Maybe I'll have unfinished stuff in Oct.

Snoodles over at Lily Pad Quilting named Barbara the "Enabler-in-Chief" and I have to agree, plus I think she wears that crown proudly. I hope you'll go over the Cat Patches and check out the other FO links, remember you don't need to finish anything, just start something and you're ready to link up and join the party.

Later gator,


  1. How pretty all of them are! And finishing a NewFO isn't against the rule at all - other wise I'm in trouble too. Love the Dahlia - very eye-catching.

  2. This croc says you have been at it, girl!!! Really enjoy seeing what you have tackled. Love the color work on the first two, but I believe the pinwheel is my favorite. Maybe big, but so pretty and fresh looking. The applique gets into your blood and you will do more. So if you finished all this up, exactly what are you working on now?

  3. These are gorgeous, Dana! Love all that color. The top one looks like the quilt that was hanging next to mine at the quilt show in Ireland.

  4. I feel like I just attended a wonderful quilt show. Love all your FOs. So cheerful.


  5. Your applique quilts are beautiful! Where they all freezer paper? Not sure which ones I like best?!?! They are all so wonderful. My goodness, really do you ever come out of the sewing room?

  6. Lots of lovely quilts! Great, fresh colors. Nice job. Hitn, when ironing freezer paper on fabric, use either pins or tweezers or something like that to hold the freezer paper near your fingers so that you don't get burned. You can also use liquid starch, painted on the edges after the freezer paper is ironed on, to hold the turned in seam allowance on the freezer paper. Makes for sticky fingers, but, works really well. It all washes out when you are done, and makes for a nice, sharp edge to sew by either hand or machine.

  7. Love them all. You did a fantastic job!

  8. Your quilts are awesome! I love them all! Congrats on finishing them! Visiting from the Janice Elaine Sews linky.

  9. Ohh very Nice Quilts they are beautiful. I stumbled onto your blog through Jan's Linky and Giveaway post. I look forward to receiving future posts.