Saturday, October 6, 2012

Foto Finish Cold

Cold is the theme of the day for Foto Finish over at Cat Patches

I'd love to tell you this is a quaint European village, but it's Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. Love those chimneys! The temperature is about 100 degrees and looking at the snow on the rooftops didn't cool us down at all. It's pretty though.

Cori and I would take a summer vacation every year, just the two of us, we're the type of traveler who sees a sign "World's Biggest" or anything along those lines, look at each other, "oh shiny" and off we'd go. I'm sure we've seen every 13 foot alligator in the state (they're are all from the same mold, yes they are all plastic unless you're in the Everglades). Lots of laughter, fun and interesting people along the way. 
This trip was our last so far since she's back in school. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a few more.

Go on over to Cat Patches to join in or look at all of the wonderful "cold" pictures. I almost took a picture of the inside of my freezer. 

Later gator,


  1. The picture showed up on the screen before the text and I was thinking, "How English. Looks Like Harry Potter." That's pretty effective fake snow, it does look cold. Great shot.

  2. What a great shot. Who would have guessed the temp was actually hot. I didn't see the Harry Potter movies, so I didn't recognize the scene. I was going for Switzerland.

  3. Wow, that is a great photo! I love that house and feel it could be an inspiration for a quilt! x Teje

  4. Very interesting. I had never seen this building before. Perfect setting for a Harry Potter theme.

    Great photo. Challenging to take a good shot of, due to the size and lighting, but you really did an excellent job.