Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let's Book It Feb. 2016

Not only does Sharon's Let's Book It party help me clean out old magazines and patterns, it also tells me another month is coming to an end. February being "the little guy" really crept up on me, surprise it's over. It's been crazy busy around here the last few months, we both have new to us vehicles, mine tried to kill me after I had it two months (that was fun), lots of trips to the Vet, Maya has developed some allergies which the Vet can't figure out and the amazing daughter flew all over the country to interview for her post doc, residency, fellow (pick your terminology they're all basically the same). Stressful for me but wonderful for her, she saw snow in Wisconsin which she hasn't seen since her first time when she was four and discovered it's cold, this time she learned it's slippery, LOL. In a few months she and I will be traveling to find her a place to live, not in Wisconsin, but no longer two hours away, sad but exciting.  

With all that I forgot that I pretty much avoid new quilt magazines since the goal is to get rid of the ones I have and I found myself in front of an array of magazines and this one caught my eye.
 American Patchwork and Quilting Feb. 2016

Just look at that cover quilt, how could I resist, it's so bright and beautiful! 

The cover says Just 3 Fabrics, but I never noticed that, I was just so in love with that quilt. The 3 fabrics were Ombre which I don't have in my stash and wasn't about to buy, but it was easy to switch it out to solids and the quilt is still beautiful.

So much movement and color. 

The blocks were a log cabin style and came together perfectly. I finished it with awkward feather flowers (Debbie please don't look) which were fun but.... well, awkward. 

I used the left over pieces to make a pretty pieced back.

This quilt was just the color jolt I needed, next will be Dresden's for the March Let's Book It and hopefully my mojo will come back.

Please visit Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts to see all of the other projects, remember there are no rules, no finishes required just make something you already planned on making, how easy is that?

Later Gators,