Monday, August 31, 2015

Let's Book It August 2015

The link is up for Let's Book It over at Vrooman's Quilts, I haven't really had my quilting spark lately so following frustrating directions is just what I need, plus I consider this a form of house cleaning since I'm getting rid of magazines, win win. 

This quilt was in Love of Quilting July/August 2006

They offer it as a digital pattern on the web site too.

The description says it's perfect for large prints, which I have a weakness for then wonder what I was thinking when I bought them. Full disclosure I never actually read the instructions only the description before I ran off to grab two large prints I've been trying to use up.

Look how pretty this came out. 

I really love it, the colors are so perfect and it has that tropical look I love. Plus the orange is gone so more house cleaning credits.

And I played with dyes and made the back, which is considered time in the kitchen, win, win, and win!  (David disagrees). 

Summer has seen a slow down over at Let's Book It, think about joining in, you get house cleaning credit. :)

Later Gators,

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pets On Quilts 2015

Pets On Quilts went live today, the best, most fun and friendliest quilt show on the web. Can you tell this is my favorite?

There's a lot of stalking and planning that goes into this, so this year I decided to change things a bit. Miss Maya has a thunder coat and every time we put it on her, Brady Bug gets jealous.  She's afraid of everything and he's fearless, so I decided to make him a coat of his own. 

It has a removable cape since if there's a scary sound, Maya runs to us while Brady runs towards the sound, we call him Super Dog, absolutely fearless. 

I had this zebra flannel and made him his own quilted coat

And it's reversible if he's in a more moo-mellow mood. He's smiling about the purple cow, but he prefers the zebra, it makes him more ninja like. I used batting to give it body then straight line quilted it. 

So that was it, Brady will pose, Maya will run, but David was home that day and advocated for his little girl being included, O.K. let the circus begin.

Here's the pictures that we could use from an all day try. 

That's it, two shots.

And here's the outtake stories and pics.
We had the quilt all laid out, I have the camera hidden and David promises he'll get her to lay on it, he call's her and she takes the long way around to us, goes to the upper deck finding the only puddle in the yard, walks through it and gets ready to jump down onto the quilt. I'm grabbing the quilt, David's trying to grab her, she's trying her best to get on or under the quilt, comedy ensues and that's an end to take one.

Take two: Cleaned up, same setting it actually works, except the sun didn't cooperate and we were so focused on Maya neither of us noticed how bright it was until I saw the actual pictures, one side completely bleached out.

 And this one where we bribed her with a cookie
Attractive, right?

 I'm leaving out the dozen or so of the one's where she's cowering and it looks like we beat her, we don't.

Here's the quilt sans Maya
 Just playing around with strings.

Why not have your own circus, join the fun. You can use any pet for the show, it's not just about cats and dogs. Even a quilt with an animal theme is welcome. So grab your buddy, a quilt and a camera and come play with us, you'll meet the nicest people and animals.

Jacque at Lily Pad Quilting is the special person who works so hard on this for us, so I'm sending her a huge Thank You! 

I hope you all get a chance to check out all of the other quilts and furbabies, it's so full of love, I promise you'll be smiling.

Later Gators,