Monday, October 8, 2012

My Adventures in Applique

Before I show you the hardest sewing I've ever done I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORI
my beautiful, smart and oh so wonderful daughter turns 27 today, David and I went up to Ft. Lauderdale yesterday with a Little Mermaid cake and spent the day with her, we took her shopping then out to lunch and just had a really special day. I still wonder how she looks like this:
but should still look like this:
Happy Birthday Baby, I love you!

Now, on to my adventures. Last year I won Muchas Poochas by Karen Brow in the Pets On Quilts Show, the first time I saw this pattern I thought it was the best pattern I had ever seen, just so adorable the way the dogs climb out of their blocks. 
I looked at the directions and pretty much ran for my life and sanity. It was way beyond me. But a little bit ago a friend asked me how it was going on the quilt and I pulled it back out. I had mentioned to her that I didn't do brown or neutrals and needed to get some. A few days later this came in the mail
There's more, but I've already been sorting. That was the last of my excuses, so here we go.
I made the backgrounds  thin borders and sashing, the sashing goes on as you get ready to applique so only the one I'm working on has them.
I really need to thank Cheryl form Teapots2Quilting, she has been sending me tips, advice and encouragement, which I have actually listened to and the tips have really helped. Thanks Cheryl! 
I wish she could have been here to say "stop, Dana stop, you're doing it backwards", yes of course I cut the freezer paper and fabric backwards. By now I should know to just do the opposite of what I'm sure is right :).

Anyway, here's today's results
The paper is still in there so they are just laid on the block, but I'm pretty pleased. I picked this one for first because it looked the least complicated and because it looked a little like another birthday child of mine.
Yep, Happy Birthday to Brady Bug too, no Mermaid cake for him, but I made dog cookies from scratch. 

Later gators,


  1. Just think of the fun you'll have FMQ'ing this after all the blocks are complete - that is a really cute pattern!

  2. Happy Birthday to your babies!
    That quilt with dogs is going to be fantastic!

  3. Yep, this is so you. It is going to be wonderful...woof! I love the dogs climbing out of their boxes...too cute. Just think when you get half way done, you will be almost an expert and have lots of correct advise to share.

  4. Happy Birthday to the household! Great dog quilt and like Deb said - by half way you will be giving advise, tips, and help.

  5. OMG your applique' is spectacular. Absolutely beautiful. Love, love, love it. I'm VERY impressed given you are new to applique'. Beautiful background and beautiful applique.

    Sounds like Cori had a fun birthday celebration, but I still want to wish her Happy Birthday. 27 is such a wonderful age (but Cori they only get better and don't let anyone tell you differently).


  6. Great pictures, Dana. I like your doggies too.

  7. Aww! Happy birthday for your DD! Your applique is turning out great, it's a great look on your stripped blocks.