Sunday, October 30, 2016

Let's Book It Oct. 2016

It took me awhile to get the dust cleared out of here, I missed last month's "Let's Book It" even though I started early knowing life was about to get very busy. Since I've been gone Cori moved and I went with her for a few weeks to help her get settled and to help myself feel good about her going, an out of state funeral, Hurricane Matthew knocking on our door, my first ever quilt show :), two commission quilts and a house that I left a man and two dogs in charge of, talk about dust! Remember cobwebs in Oct. are decorations not dust. 

But I'm back and don't want to miss this again, I do love this "clean it out, do what you want" link up. 

In August I showed a quilt from a kit and couldn't praise that pattern enough, so clear and easy. I bought two kits and this is the second one. 

This one came from Connecting Threads also, but it wasn't their pattern (sound the doom music).

This one is a perfect example of why I don't buy patterns, it was hard to follow, it had more than one layout so you were directed to refer to page whatever, the pattern had different fabrics then the ones in the kit, not a problem if the pictures of the original fabrics weren't so tiny you couldn't tell them apart. That white outer part had no length measurement, just cut a strip, sew it on and whack off the excess, LOL. 

Maybe it was me, state of mind, need stronger reading glasses or maybe the pattern was really awful, either way I found it hard to like this quilt although the fabrics were lovely. I'm going back to looking at a quilt picture and figuring it out on my own. 

Remember, "Let's Book It" is all about using what you planned on making anyway, how easy is that? 

May all your patterns be readable.

Later Gators,