Wednesday, April 30, 2014

New FO for April

2014 NewFO Challenge

Thank goodness it's time for Aprils New Fo's at Cat Patches. I'm so glad to say a not so fond goodbye to April. My catch word for the past few weeks has to be distracted and I'm ready to get my mojo back, it's gone completely missing.

My fairly new computer started making the click of death (thanks for a quality product DELL) and after spending almost a week in the shop it was returned with nothing on it. I back-up, but lost every quilt design I've made in EQ, I backed up the wrong folder :(

When I got back up and running imagine my surprise to find my spam folder on AOL full of Daemon Mailer with almost every comment I had left on blogs, I had wondered why people weren't answering me. Turns out all of AOL was hacked and so much spam was pouring out that every server except gmail was rejecting it, including AOL. So, I want you to know, I've been reading and commenting you just haven't seen them. I've switched over to my gmail account so I'm hoping it's fixed.

What have I been sewing? Not much, this is just a top I made to use up the frog fabric that's been here way to long.

This was going to be the back, but so much work and too big (distracted) I decided to turn it into a top and threw it into the pile. 
I never have a pile, but do now.

I made a bunch of these blocks in different colors, then changed direction and now they're in the pile.

I did finish one quilt, my Let's Book It project
This one definitely makes me smile.

A flurry of phone calls last night and this morning has April ending on a high note, my beautiful daughter is on her way to the Keys with a Red Alert rescue (red alert means the dog's time is up). Oreo wasn't given any time because he is sick with, we think, mange. Hopefully I'll have freedom ride pictures. Suddenly April doesn't look so bad :)

Have you made anything this month? just started something? why not join us over at Cat Patches for the linky party? Lots of nice people and a fun hostess, I hope to see you there.

Later gators,

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Book It for April

When I first started quilting 6 years ago I thought magazines were a great way to see lots of styles and patterns, so I went to Ebay and bought up tons of older magazines, then I discovered blogs and tutorials so those magazines gathered dust. "Book It" has me digging through those magazines and I can see how far I've come, easy patterns that I'm far past and styles that are just not "me". The magazines have been flying out of here and I'm planning what to do with that extra shelf space, so once again "Thank You Sharon".

Now when I buy a magazine it's because of a quilt with lots of color and this one certainly fits.

Love of Quilting Jan/Feb 2014

Gumdrops by Nancy Mahoney, I always like her quilts.

I actually followed her directions, except to change the size to a baby quilt, I've never done that before. 

I really love this one, it's all appliqued so it went together fast and easy, the blocks are only 4" each. I outline stitched for the quilting so it's soft and puffy after washing. 

"Book It" is the brain child of Sharon at Vroomans Quilts and has been growing every month. Pretty much anything that makes you want to make a quilt works, make the quilt and cross it off your bucket list, we can all relate to that. Why not join us? Fun and easy, love it!

Later gators,

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New FO for March

2014 NewFO Challenge

The end of another month and it's time for the linky party at Cat Patches, the infamous "just start something, you don't have to finish it" party, I always say that with a Bruce Willis voice "come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs..."

First up is my "Book It Challenge" quilt
This is such a great challenge, if you haven't joined in yet, think about it, pick a book, magazine or pattern that you already own and make a quilt. Sharon's a genius

Even though I'm sticking to a strict fabric diet, when I saw this chevron fabric I saw the quilt I'd make, when vision's appear you have to buy it or you'll be haunted and end up going back and buying it anyway, and what if it's sold out when you go back?
Just a peak at my thought process, LOL.

   I only bought a yard and used stash for the rest so it's like eating chocolate covered strawberries, they cancel each other out, right?

Right after that one, David said the terrible words "I think it's time to replace your car", What!!?? I love my car, sure it's old and getting rusted and those little annoying red lights keep coming on and costing a fortune to turn off, but, I love my car. So car shopping and mourning Eddie (my car) pretty much ate my brain. Shopping for cars was all about how much they could hold, David would mention the terrible twins and every salesman would fold down seats to show the cargo area and I would be horrified, the twins ride seat belted in the back seat, the cargo area is for the two bird cages when we need to evacuate. Yep, I'm pretty sure there are pictures of me on a black list with the words "crazy animal woman" in car dealerships all over Miami.  
David said it was the best time he's ever had shopping for cars.

So without a brain I needed to sew without thinking, I made this

and then this

Both from precuts, no thinking really required.

So that's it for March, I hope you'll join us for the no pressure link up "just start something... we'll have a few laughs". 

Later gators,