Monday, October 15, 2012

One Block Done

To keep myself honest with these dog blocks, I promised myself I would post about them, if you don't see one for a while I expect someone to speak up. 

Here's the finished block

I think it's cute and I did learn a lot already, once I got past my fears, it's not so hard. Did you know that invisible thread really is invisible? especially when you're hand sewing with it? That's out, I'm getting a bunch of thread to match, I figured out what I'm going to ignore in the directions :), I wish I had used two browns for the big dog so his head wouldn't get lost in his body and I need to find a better paint for the eyes. When I ironed the block the white mostly came off (this is a before ironing picture). Any suggestions would be appreciated. And if you have ideas for quilting when I'm done, I'd love to hear them, please. 

I'm way behind in reading blogs and at this point I'm just cruising through and waiting for a picture to grab my attention (yes, I am very much: ohhhh shiny). This morning I read Barbara's stash report which I personally love. The numbers seem so big to me and I can't even imagine keeping those kind of records. I have a huge stash, (don't ask, I won't tell) and I've been pretty much trying to work it down. Last time I was at Joann's talking to a woman in line at the cutting table, I said I was working off of my stash and she said, nose very much in the air "working from stash makes everything look the same". Uh-oh. So I shopped on line.

There's one more big one coming. In my defense I don't want everything looking the same like the lady b*t*h said.  And if I was doing a stash report I wouldn't have to report these because they're just tiny little fat quarters, right? 

Later gators,


  1. Super cute...beautiful job! Never used paint for details, but have used colored prisma pencils for highlighs and shadows on applique. I applaud you for hand work. I would be machine stitching.
    Can't believe what she said to you....think I ran into her up here before!!!
    Great haul must have big plans. I quit the stash count after a couple of months, it scared me too much!

  2. Those are the kind of people who make one quilt a year - buy fabric just for the project - and then throw the left overs away. I use my fabrics right down the 'fabric food chain' until I can't put a stitch in it. And I don't think I have any quilts that look the same. BUT it is fun to 'refresh' the flow of fabric goodness.

  3. Your applique' block looks so cute. Great job! Love, love, love it.

    And, you did find some beautiful fabrics online. Sorry you encountered such a quilting snob in line. I think quilting with your "investments" (aka stash) can be different each time. I suspect she had a limited investment of boring fabrics, thus "her" quilts looked the same every time. You should have told her she needed to take a Color/Stash Management class and you'd be happy to be a paid consultant to help her learn!


  4. Very cute! I like how,the dog's ear tip is a little over the border. Makes it look 3D.

  5. Oh my goodness, I LOVE it. I am a beginner so I have a way to go to learn stuff like this.

  6. Hi! Your new fabrics are adorable but I'm sure you could have made fantastic things even using fabrics only from your stash! I do hope my works don't look the same even I can't shop often. Have a great weekend! x teje