Saturday, September 29, 2012

FMQ Challenge for September

Septembers FMQ Challenge over at SewCalGals was from Paula Reid and I just have to say I loved it! It's funny but stencils weren't even on my radar and now the possibilities are endless.

I love the thought of using stencils while I improve my free motion and of course muscle memory will click in here too, I think. 

So, do any of you use stencils? How do you mark them? I read about them but I'd like to know your favorite way. Is a pounce better than a chalk pencil? How hard is it to get the marking out if you use a pencil? I read about fabric erasers but that sounds a little harsh for the fabric, do they wash out easily? Can you use regular chalk or will that just brush off before you can sew? I have this vision of using a giant powder puff and shaved chalk but I just know that won't work. How hard do you have to press with a pencil, does it just glide? again I'm concerned about the fabric and movement when you're drawing on it. Do the chalk pencils break easily? I did read that if you freeze them they won't break as much, but what a pain using a frozen pencil and remembering to freeze them. Does your muscle memory improve when you use stencils? 
Enough questions? I probably have more, but lets just start with those :)

Thanks so much to Paula Reid for opening this door for me and of course big thanks to SewCalGal for all that she does.

Later gator,