Saturday, October 31, 2015

Let's Book It October 2015

Happy Halloween!
 That's Maya on her first Halloween, you can tell by the look on her face that she just loves this holiday and dressing up. 

The last day of October means it's time for Let's Book It at Vrooman's Quilts. No rules, nothing to buy, just make something that you already have the pattern for that you planned on making anyway. I've cleaned out so many old magazines. 

I picked this magazine:
McCall's Quilting May/June 2012

and this pattern:

Here's mine:
Bright, happy with lots of movement, it's wonderful as a baby quilt. I'm crediting this one with bringing back my Mojo which had gone missing. Playing with all of those bright fabrics was just what I needed. I made the triangles a little smaller than the original so I could make it more baby quilt size. A touch of free motion in each block and it was done, super soft and so cute.  

It passed the quilt inspection and was well guarded when I had it outside, I wasn't sure he was going to let me get pictures of it.  

I'm sad to say this fun party is coming to an end, next month will be the last linky party so if you've been thinking about it now's the time. It would be nice to see everyone come back for the last one too. 

Later Gators,

Friday, October 9, 2015

So this happened

Since my father passed, my sister and I share good things that happen to us with the opening "Daddy was here". It's just sharing nice little things that happen, for me it can be a rescue that found a home, for her it can be the otter's were playing in her lake, things that make us smile. She called me and started out with "daddy's here with me" then told me this:

She had lunch with friends and was walking to her car when she saw a police officer run up to the front of her car pointing his gun, she started hurrying towards him yelling "don't shoot my car" when she heard something behind her, lots more police all calling her towards them and all she can say is "don't shoot my car it's only 4 months old". Lol.

 They dragged a woman from under her car holding a huge knife, she had hidden under another car in a nearby shopping center, stabbed the woman who owned the car and tried to steal it, when that didn't work she ran and hid under my sister's car, luckily someone saw her. Another couple of minutes and she would have stabbed my sister, no smiles this time, lots of WHAT!s but yes, daddy's with her.

My sister talks to my father whenever she watches a sunset, which triggered a memory for me of a quilt I made in EQ, playing with measurements and colors I never really planned on making it, but I couldn't stop thinking about it so here it is, I talked to my dad the whole time I made it, pretty much thanking him for being there that day. 

Centers are slightly off to keep thickness down, plus I like it this way.

 Gorgeous colors, although they are more sunrise than sunset

Hand dyed back for an airy sky look and lots of straight line quilting for a great texture and look. The quilting took a whole lot more time than making the quilt. 

I'm linking up with #Creative Goodness Linky party over at QuiltShopGal.  

Thanks Daddy,