Saturday, October 13, 2012

Foto Finish - Leaves

The optional theme for Foto Finish at Cat Patches is Leaves. While I expect to see some beautiful pictures of leaves changing with the season, we don't have any of that here.  But before you feel too sorry for me, it's 77 degrees the sun is shining and it's breezy. Just beautiful even without changing leaves. So here's mine

That's a rubber tree in my backyard, yes they do grow in other places than a Doctor's office. I just love the variegated leaves which start out in that pink shade and turn to a beautiful creme. 

I hope you'll leave here (sorry I couldn't resist) and head on over to Cat Patches to enjoy the pictures and maybe even join in. 

Later gators,


  1. "lLeave here," Ouch! Very pretty. It reminds me of some of the stuff that grows in Hawaii.

  2. Beautiful! It's interesting how many different colors there are in those rubber tree leaves. (Now the song is playing in my head!)

  3. Very nice. I have never seen a rubber plant with varigated leaves before. They are indoor plants here. our weather would kill them off outside.