Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pets on Quilts 2017!

Pets on Quilts 2017

 Hello everyone and welcome to Pets on Quilts. I'm Maya Grace the Princess half of the Terrible Twins and my brother is Brady Bug, but friends and The Vet just call him Bug. 
We are here for the Dogs (best puppies in the world) on Quilts category (why does that say Cat?) Dogegory, fixed it. 

Mom really loves this show and so do we, it's so much fun to show you what perfect models we are. Ready?

Dad took this one when Mom showed us our prize for being the BEST PUPPIES IN THE WORLD

Not bad, but Mom wanted us facing the camera
But Bug was a little too excited about our prize and I'm bored.

So we decided to do action shots

There were a lot of action shots and laughing and begging until Mom gave up and said we win and can have our prize now, so we're off to collect

Want to know what we won? Last year we won coconuts, but I hit Bug in the ear with one and broke him, his ear was all puffy and pretty like a flower, but Mom and The Vet weren't happy. 
This year a big storm came here and broke our banana tree. Here's what Mom was showing us, we love bananas.

Almost forgot, no harm was done to any quilt that a good washing didn't fix. We didn't even get any banana on it. 

Thanks so much to Jacque, Padsworth and Dragon Drop over at Lily Pad Quilting for continuing this wonderful tradition. We always have such a great time visiting all of the other Pets and seeing beautiful quilts being abused. Mom says life is probably easier with cats and well-behaved dogs, but we are the Terrible Twins and have a reputation to uphold.