Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fun Stuff

Did everyone see this fun video by Missouri Quilt Co. ? I was about to start a new quilt when I saw it and had to try it. Here's the result

 Isn't that just so cute? and so easy.

So today, messing around, I made some 4 patches and some 9 patches and tried the method for the top quilt. They do have a video for the 4 patch, I found it later, here's what you get. Ignore the fabrics, I know they're ugly, that's why I'm playing with them.

Here's the 9 patch:

 then this:

I love the center, I've made that by cutting and sewing triangles.

Did everyone know about this? Now I just want to make squares and cut them up, although my thinking seems to running to extremes and at some point it's probably easier to make them the old fashioned way. 


Saturday, January 28, 2012

Foto Finish - White

White is the optional theme over at Cat Patches's Foto Finish .

We have a lot of beautiful white birds down here, but these have to be my favorite.

These are Ibises and you see them just hanging out in parking lots and neighborhoods, usually in groups of about 10. They'll move over for you, but really can't be bothered, maybe that's why I like them so much, funky looking and mellow.

At night they usually go up into the trees, although one of the funniest things I've seen, was a long line of them sitting on phone wires, they just look too big to stay up there. 
I took this picture on New Year's Day and thought nature has the best Christmas Decorations.

I hope you'll go on over to Cat Patches and see what other people have offered with this theme. Remember the theme is optional, so you can post any picture you like. White's pretty easy though, I'm hoping for lots of beautiful snow pictures.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Free Motion Quilt Challenge

One of my biggest goals in this quilting obsession I have, is to be able to do beautiful free motion quilting. My free motion is O.K., but, you know those quilts you see that make you gasp and stare at the stitching? That's what I aspire to. So when Sew Cal Gal  announced her Free Motion Quilting Challenge , I knew it was for me. My hope is that by actually signing up, I'll really do it (not that it's worked for the BOM I signed up for. Leslie, do you hear me?).

The first month is Frances Moore, who does some amazing FMQ. I watched the video and jumped in.

This is my trial piece. I really love the little heart shaped leaves, they have a whimsical appeal for me. I did find that I wanted to sew them in rows instead of an all over design and I think that is how I will use them. I see them wandering up sashing or borders. 

I had this little play piece (I'm working on applique also), so I used the leaves on this, they seemed right for a butterfly.

These came out a little deformed, because I found myself going too fast.

I know this is going to be a favorite for me, it's easy and fun, and if you mess up, well that's O.K. because leaves are all different. Practice, play, practice.


Sunday, January 22, 2012

Where I Live Foto Finish

It's been a while since I've been here, but taking part in Cat Patches Foto Finish feels like a good time to jump back in. I've been pretty busy and I'll show you soon what I've been doing. I missed the "no theme and back to a theme" that happened at Foto Finish, now you can decide, either use the theme or pick your own and tell the story.  

This week's theme is Where I Live, so welcome to Key Largo Florida. Right now our weather is about 78 degrees, so here's where you'll find me most days.

This is my backyard with our cute little shed in the corner. If I had known I was going to show this in a blog post, I would have cleaned up a little. It's peaceful if I can get out there without the dogs knowing.

When we moved in this log? root? was left from when they cleared the lot. I wouldn't let the Hubs get rid of it and just started to put air plants on it. Behind it is the beginning of a mural I painted on the back fence. Anytime I find an expanse of empty, I paint something on it. The only rule is that I don't paint the house. Maybe someday.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and go on over to Cat Patches to check out the other pictures, maybe even join in. 

Thanks for stopping by,