Monday, September 30, 2013

New FO for September


I don't know what's happened to time but somehow a month has turned into about two weeks and Sept. only lasted one week, I wish someone would look into this, does anyone know Stephen Hawking personally? Really, thank goodness Barbara has these FO link ups or I'd probably think it's still March.

At least in that week that was Sept. I did get a few quilts made

I love the way the back looks on this one, I dyed the fabric so there were slight color changes, but kept it plain so the stitching would show. 

After spending so much time on that one I grabbed some fat quarters I've had for awhile and made this
The fabric is Tree Huggers and it's just adorable. 

I was asked to make a camo baby quilt and now know more than I want to about camo. The woman wanted more of a hunter camo which has a lot more color. I ran to JoAnn's hoping to pick something up there but no luck. So ordered what I needed online. I'm happy about that now, take that JoAnn :)

While waiting for the fabric to arrive I made this:
I love elephants!
And this
Not real thrilled with this, but I had the rick rack.

And I still had a day to wait for the fabric, so I made this:

Now, I'm cutting and sewing hundreds of these
I'm thinking of it as a fall quilt even though this is the camo. Not my usual colors, but I think it will be nice when I'm done and I've never made a fall quilt. 

I hope you'll join in the fun over at Cat Patches, this is an easy, no pressure link up, all you need is to start something, no finishes required. If you haven't seen the pictures from Barbara's trip, do yourself a favor and look through the last blog posts she's done, the trip was an adventure and her pictures are awesome. 

I want to thank everyone for their input on JoAnns, I feel like I'm the last to know. It still seems like a funny way to run a company and I still think a "we're sorry, can you pick up a roll of the batting that we'll send to the store" would have been a better answer than we do what we want, but hey...if I ran the world :)

Later gators,

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Question for You About Joanns

Blog posts need pictures so I'm throwing in random baby pictures of the terrible twins, they have nothing to do with what I'm saying, but they are cute :)

A while ago, probably the end of last year, I stumbled upon a roll of batting at Joann's, it was Pellon Nature's Touch and since someone had put a bug in my ear about buying batting by the roll, I bought it and fell in love. I really can't say enough about this batting, it's soft and drapes beautifully, even when I overly quilt something and my free motion quilting really stands out, it's just wonderful stuff. 

When it ran out I couldn't find it by the roll anywhere so I bought a roll of Warm and Natural, but I want the Pellon back, so how wonderful to see that Joann's had it for a Daily Deal, Saturday only. I even contacted their customer service to make sure it would really be in the store, they said yes and I changed my plans for Saturday.

The store opened at 9, I was there at 9:04 and of course you know where I'm going with this, they didn't have it :(

When I got home I emailed them and it started out O.K., but by the third email I think I may have said "bait and switch" which led to them talking about their fine print, which basically says "we can put anything we want on sale, but we don't actually have to have it". 

So here's a question for you, is this the way Joann's has always been? I don't normally run all the way up there for a specific sale, it's about an hour each way. I do know I've been up there and planned on buying something on sale like blades for my cutter and they don't have them, but I just figured they had sold out. This was a one day only sale and they just didn't even bother putting it in the store. Normal for them? I think I'll still cut the coupons, but not pay attention to the sales from not on. They are all I have for supplies other than WalMart, so I can't write them off entirely. I'd like to hear if you've had this experience. 

Meanwhile, I highly recommend trying the Pellon Nature's Touch, I don't recommend Joann's and really stay clear of their customer service. 

The morning wasn't entirely wasted, I stopped and bought the Terrible Twins favorite treats, which I can only get in Miami. 

Later gators,

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The Story of Henry

This story begins on Monday, Labor Day
I'm not a big Facebook person, I do skim through it every morning mostly looking at fabric sales :)
Monday morning I see this

What you don't see in this picture is that he's heartworm positive and due to be put down on Tuesday. This was posted by a local rescue group, Marrvelous Pet Rescue.
Something about his eyes really got to me, he reminds me of my Brady Bug when I first saw him, sad and sick, needing someone to care. 

Normally when these pleas show up someone jumps in and says they'll adopt him or at least foster him. I checked back constantly and no one was jumping in. I started talking to all of the dog lovers I know and called my daughter, Cori in Ft. Lauderdale, telling her she had to repost this on her facebook.

On Tuesday, Henry is still on the shelters webpage and now I'm obsessively checking both pages, still talking to anyone I can think of and still no takers. David and I had a long talk, taking another dog in would be really hard, our Maya is terrified of just about everything especially other animals, she considers Brady as hers that's the only reason she accepts him. We lived for a while with two dogs that fought and it's an impossible situation. The night ended with me in tears saying "someone needs to save this dog".

Wednesday morning nothing has changed, but he's still there. I get a phone call from Cori that goes like this:
"Don't you ever *%*# call me about a **%$#* rescue dog again."
She's in the same situation with two rescues, she's going to school and working two jobs and one of her dogs is just like Maya. She hadn't slept and first thing she called the place that had Henry. To top off all of the other problems, Henry has conjunctivitis, which is very contagious to other dogs, bringing him into either of our homes is off the table. 
I called Marrvelous rescue and update them on the situation, the woman I'm talking to, Kat, is crying but says she'll call me back. The result of that call back is, if we can get Henry here to the Keys, Marrvelous will board him with the best Vet in town, he'll get the medical help he needs while we all continue the search for a home. 

Cori, who is working on her dissertation, or trying to, drops everything and a few hours later Henry arrives in Key Largo.

He's malnourished, covered in ticks, his ear is ripped, his eyes are gunky and of course he has heartworm. He's absolutely beautiful and he's been saved.

To me a Hero is someone who steps out of their comfort zone to do the right thing because it needs to be done, right a wrong and make the world just a little bit better. Cori is my Hero and I think Henry thinks so too. The people at Marrvelous really stepped up and this beautiful dog gets a second chance. 
He has a long road ahead, I'll be going to see him often, taking him for walks and socializing him. He's a wonderful calm and sweet guy, I don't think we'll have problems finding him a home, so far everyone who has met him, loves him. Just think what he'll be like when he's healthy. :)

Thanks for reading Henry's story.