Wednesday, October 10, 2012

100 Quilts for Kids

Swim, Bike, Quilt

Last year 100 Quilts for Kids encouraged us to find a local charity to donate our quilts to, someone mentioned a Women's Shelter and I had my charity. The response I received from them was so awesome they will always be my charity of choice for children's quilts. 

I washed and packed up 10 quilts and delivered them yesterday.

The link closes on Oct. 15, so there is a little time if you want to join and donate a quilt. It feels good and makes everyone happy. Funny thing, I wanted to finish just one more quilt and could have sworn I had a dozen to take. This morning I found the other two waiting for me to take pictures of them, so there will be another delivery soon. :)

Later gators,


  1. These are gorgeous, Dana. Those will be some happy recipients.

  2. How very wonderful! Those will turn up smiles now and later. :-)

  3. Superb!!! Great quilts, great project, great big heart you have. I think it is wonderful to share out of our abundance just because we can. You have really been running through the fabrics!

  4. These are so very lovely! You won a prize! please email me at swimbikequilt at gmail dot com.

  5. Wow, those are lovely. What a great thing to do. I want to make one to donate to the dog rescue kennels that I help out at. Not for the dogs but for them to raffle or something.