Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Couple of Things

I've always liked the saying "Man plans and God laughs", it's so true. In this house just recently "mom plans and the twins giggle" was the order of the day. Family has had me really busy but, with Pets on Quilt coming I planned an easy quilt.

More practice for my free motion feathers, beautiful colors, what more could I want except a dog on it. They wouldn't come near it, I'd pick it up, they'd run out the door, throw it on the floor, they made huge circles around it to avoid it like it was hot lava, this from a dog who grabbed a quilt and tried to run away with it while I was sewing it. 

So I'm showing it without dogs, first time I didn't have to crop the little buggers out.
I think my feathers still look like toes and some of them I'm pretty sure I've seen in an Alien movie, inspiration is everywhere, but I'm still proud and think they're beautiful.
I used stencils on the white parts

The back is more of my hand dyed fabric

I've been making quilts specifically to practice feathers, Debbie at Stitchin Therapy has wonderful tutorials on feathers, I can't tell you how many of her ideas I steal  borrow. Just today she posted another tutorial for a free motion vines and leaves that are gorgeous. Lots of tips and drawings, you should check it out. 
Yes, you can thank me since I told her I was going to wait patiently for the tute, but she knows I won't, she'll start getting emails from me asking where it is, telling her I'm turning blue from holding my breath and of course the ever popular "don't make me come up there". 

Pets on Quilts ends tomorrow (Monday) at midnight so if you haven't joined in, hurry, it really is the best show on the internet, you meet the nicest people. 
The closest I came to having a picture.

In other news, about a month ago on my morning walk we saw a trash truck back into a parked car and then drive away, big crash, it took them awhile to get the car off the truck, then they just drove away. I banged on the door and told the car owner what happened and now he's remodeling his home. Yesterday on our walk, we saw a small fire, which grew into a big fire and I had to call 911, police, fire trucks, yep I saved an entire neighborhood :)
I walked around all day yesterday telling everyone I was Batman and singing the song, David is thinking about not letting me out of the house anymore, he says I attract trouble. Life you've got to live it, LOL.

Later gators,
Dana (Batman)

Sunday, August 3, 2014

New FO July 2014

2014 NewFO Challenge

August already? Yikes! Sometimes I think if Barbara wasn't reminding me of the end of another month I'd still be living in May, darn it Barbara! LOL. 

It's time to show off what we started in July for the linky party over at Cat Patches, remember just start something, no finishes required. I appreciate that this month since a family emergency has kept me away from my machine for far too long. 
I had actually forgotten this quilt from the beginning of the month, until I pulled it out for the Pet's on Quilt show. 

I've been working on sewing curves, so this quilt was perfect, each block has 8 curved blocks and by the end they were easy. 

I played with my dyes to make the back, something I love to do. Anything that makes me feel like I belong in the kitchen is good, not like cooking, but I can whip up some mean play doh when needed.

I started this quilt, using up a bunch of charm squares that have been hanging around way too long, it was going to be bear paws but I really liked the look of the stem for the maple leaf.

Hopefully I'll find time to sandwich and get the quilting started soon.

That's it for me this month, please think about joining us for the linky party at Cat Patches, it's really a great way to keep track of the months. :)

Later Gators,

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Pets on Quilts Show 2014

Welcome to the greatest, coolest most fun quilt show in the universe! It's happening right now over at Lily Pad Quilting.

Mom's been really busy lately so she said we can write this post, but she'll be checking up on us with her red edit pencil, whatever that means.

We are:
Brady Bug

Maya Grace

And together we are known as the Terrible Twins, that means we are the most well behaved, never do anything wrong dogs ever!
Dana here: They're lying
You may have read stories about the land crab, the sticks and the opossum, but they were accidents.
The land crab was dead and you cooked him in the sun for three days before bringing him in to feast on, (OMG, the stench), that one stick was 4 feet long and you chewed it to pieces on my bed after stripping the quilt off so you could lay on the cool sheets and I'm still not over the opossum. Get on with it!

Let's start with a huge Thanks to Snoodles, Padsworth and Dragondrop for all of their hard work. They've really been working their fingers, paws and wings to the bone (we like bones) putting this all together. They have great sponsors who really appreciate how wonderful pets make our lives.

Mom says this is also the hardest show since we won't cooperate, but look how great I look on this quilt.
I bribed him with a cookie

And look how beautiful I look on the quilt.
I held you in place and two seconds after this was taken you were gone. 

Mostly though, we are known for our photo bombs, Mom collects these all year long and says shes become so good at cropping because of us. We've got a lot of style, here's a few:

This is the turn and jump

The secret service, protect the quilt at all costs

The running plume

These are all "Daddy's Girl" I adore my dad and want to be wherever he is.
That's true, she's sweet and cuddly with David and bites my toes if she wants something from me.

Well that's it from us this year, we hope we made you smile. We are two rescues living the good life, bringing joy every day.
That's true :)

Why not hop (that's for you Padsworth) on over to the show and enjoy lots of wonderful pictures and stories, there's so much love in this show. Quilters and pets are perfect together.

Thanks for coming by,
Maya Grace and Brady Bug with help from Dana (mom)
Dogs on quilts category.