Saturday, November 29, 2014

Let's Book It for November

It's the end of the month, so it's time for me to pay attention and link up with "Let's Book It" going on at Vrooman Quilts. 

If your on Pinterest you've seen this pattern a few hundred times, it's so adorable. 

I used a stack of fat quarters that have passed their expiration date, I'm still doing "use it or lose it" especially for the Let's Book It projects, it makes me feel like some kind of cleaning is happening in the sewing room. 

Looking at this picture makes me think I need to have a talk with the support crew, in his defense it was cold that day and I think he has a dog leaning on him. 

I really liked the little squares that happen between the hearts, they look like pearls to me from a distance, try squinting and you'll see them too. :)

I hope you'll take a look at the other links and think about joining in, seriously we all have patterns, books and magazines with quilts we want to make, Sharon's idea for "Let's Book It" could be the push you need, it worked for me. She's also announced that it will continue through next year, so if you don't have time now, consider it for after the new year. Fun and easy. 

Later Gators,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Catch Up and New FO for October

2014 NewFO Challenge

I've missed the last few New FO link ups, nothing to show and no time. My daughter went through a major crisis and I was running back and forth to Ft. Lauderdale helping her through it. She needed to move, not easy with her two dogs, but we found a safe place and got her settled. Proud Mom here, we moved her on a weekend and on Wednesday she defended for her doctorate and passed perfectly. I honestly don't know how she did it since we were all pretty brain dead from stress. Next step is intern and she'll finally be done :)

My birthday arrived in the middle of all that and David and Cori surprised me with a visit to a private rescue and rehabilitation zoo. What a great day! I was nuzzled by camels, had a monkey on my head and back, carried a marmoset around on my hip like a baby and played with so many different animals. The icing on the cake was playing with this guy

It was just like playing with a domestic cat with bigger claws and teeth, he loved playing tug of war with that towel. Are you jealous Barbara? It was an amazing day!

Crisis past, it's time to sew again. Here's what I did in October.

When I was growing up, Christmas was time for my Dad to bring out his trains, lots of happy memories there, so I made this with my embroidery machine using Designs by Juju's Santa Express designs, if you do machine embroidery you really can't go wrong with Juju's designs, they're always perfect and she has some great sales.  

And this is my first ever table runner, I love how he turned out. It looks small in that picture but it's about 46" long. Table runners always confused me about how big they should be, so a little research and now I know they came from a time when people ate mostly with their fingers, I imagine knights and round tables, they used the table runner as a napkin, now you know that too, enjoy that mental image, :). 

So that's it for October, but I'm back in the game and once I'm caught up I'll hopefully be getting more done. Famous last words, right? 

There's still a little time to link up to the New FO, remember just start something then throw it in the UFO pile, no finishes required says Barbara the great enabler, LOL.

Later Gators,