Monday, October 24, 2011

The Ghastlies Are In The House

The Ghastlies are finally here!
Poor Madame Samm found herself with a strange addiction to this Ghastlie fabric, what to do with it? How to work with it? Of course being the amazing Madame, she had plenty of ideas and along the way found quite a few friends who had the same addiction. WE ALL LOVE THE GHASTLIES!!!

So today starts the first annual Ghastlie Blog Hop hosted by the wonderful Madame Samm. 
Here's the line-up, you don't want to miss a day because there are some horribly wonderful prizes. Plus some of the Ghastlie sisters are planning their own giveaways. 

  Monday, October 24th

Mrs Kirie Ghastlie

Tuesday, October 24th 

  Wednesday October 26th     
  Thursday October 27th 

           Mrs. Katherine Ghastlie              

  Friday October 28th 

  Monday October 31st

  Tuesday November 1st 

 ON Wednesday November 2nd

 ON Thursday November 3rd

 ON Friday November 4th

So come join in the fun, but beware, you may just find your self with Ghastlie flu.

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