Tuesday, April 1, 2014

New FO for March

2014 NewFO Challenge

The end of another month and it's time for the linky party at Cat Patches, the infamous "just start something, you don't have to finish it" party, I always say that with a Bruce Willis voice "come out to the coast, we'll have a few laughs..."

First up is my "Book It Challenge" quilt
This is such a great challenge, if you haven't joined in yet, think about it, pick a book, magazine or pattern that you already own and make a quilt. Sharon's a genius

Even though I'm sticking to a strict fabric diet, when I saw this chevron fabric I saw the quilt I'd make, when vision's appear you have to buy it or you'll be haunted and end up going back and buying it anyway, and what if it's sold out when you go back?
Just a peak at my thought process, LOL.

   I only bought a yard and used stash for the rest so it's like eating chocolate covered strawberries, they cancel each other out, right?

Right after that one, David said the terrible words "I think it's time to replace your car", What!!?? I love my car, sure it's old and getting rusted and those little annoying red lights keep coming on and costing a fortune to turn off, but, I love my car. So car shopping and mourning Eddie (my car) pretty much ate my brain. Shopping for cars was all about how much they could hold, David would mention the terrible twins and every salesman would fold down seats to show the cargo area and I would be horrified, the twins ride seat belted in the back seat, the cargo area is for the two bird cages when we need to evacuate. Yep, I'm pretty sure there are pictures of me on a black list with the words "crazy animal woman" in car dealerships all over Miami.  
David said it was the best time he's ever had shopping for cars.

So without a brain I needed to sew without thinking, I made this

and then this

Both from precuts, no thinking really required.

So that's it for March, I hope you'll join us for the no pressure link up "just start something... we'll have a few laughs". 

Later gators,

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Book It for March

I'm still loving the idea that Sharon at Vroomans Quilts came up with, pick a book, pattern or magazine, blow off the dust and make a quilt. Since I have stacks of magazines all opened to a specific quilt this idea is perfect for me, plus I'm using some older stash fabrics when possible, win win.

This month I picked this magazine

And this quilt

The quilt was built around that center block, but I changed that so it would match the border fabric I wanted to use, which I've had way too long.

I pulled all of the colors from the border fabric too, so it's nice and bright. I like that the daisies overlap the blocks, it adds a little depth to the quilt, plus I like unrestrained daisies :)
The quilt finished at 41" square and other than changing the main block I followed the directions (first time ever).

I used just about the last of that smiling daisy fabric that I've been trying to use up for years as the backing, it matched perfectly and I only have about a fat quarter left. 

You'll see this magazine again, it has a cute Halloween wall hanging I'd like to make and at least one quilt block that I want to play with. 

Once again, Thank You Sharon! This is the incentive I needed to clean out that pile of magazines, most of which only have one quilt I want to make. It will take me years, but I'm already planning what I can put on that shelf, LOL. 
Please think about joining in, it's a great way to go though all of those books, patterns and magazines we've all been hoarding collecting and please check out the linky party for lots of inspiration. 

Later Gators,

Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Favor Please and a Question

Yesterday March 21 was World Down Syndrome Day, so this seems like the right time to ask a favor. My cousin is the director of MARC, Monroe Assoc. for Remarkable Citizens here in the Keys. They run two group homes, teach life skills, vocational skills and are pretty much amazing. A local bank is having a vote for your favorite charity fundraiser, could you take two seconds to vote for them? Three clicks is all it takes and they don't ask for any of your info. 

at the bottom of the page is #3 Vote for your favorite charity
Click that, vote for MARC then hit vote, that's it. 
Thank you so much, they do so much good and with the economy and budget cuts it's been a constant struggle, every cent counts.
Here's a link to their web page if you're interested:

Now the questions, I've been asked to make a T-shirt quilt, does anyone have tips for me? What kind of stabilizer is the best for them? I'm a little worried that the picture on the shirt may melt when ironed, so is there a light, low heat stabilizer I should find? And last, what's the best way to quilt it? I was thinking just stitch in the ditch, but the shirts may be big and will that work? So basically, HELP.
Thanks again.

The pictures are just because....there must be pictures :)
These are scrap quilts I've been working on trying to use up the ever growing pile of strings.

Thank you,

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Rescue Me

Lily Pad Quilting, home of the amazing "Pets on Quilts" show is doing it again with a linky party for rescued pets, it's a warm up for Pets on Quilts coming in August, but seriously, just ask any of us about our rescues and we're there. There's even a gorgeous jelly roll prize donated by Green Fairy Quilts. So think about joining in, even if you don't have a rescue at home there are other ways to be involved, no we won't send you a pet unless you'd like one :)

 This adorable guy is Hudson, he was my first rescue and started me on the path of working for and advocating for rescues. I saw him at the local pound, sick, scared and covered in ticks. That was it for me, we we're the best of friends and I still miss him daily. Every thing I do for rescues now are done in his honor.

If you've been here before, you probably know the "terrible twins" my two babies that bring so much laughter and joy to my life.

First up is Miss Maya Grace
 Maya and her brothers and sisters were dumped on the side of a busy highway, luckily they were found before disaster happened. All of the puppies were taken to homes that would take them in, my whole family is thankful that our doorbell rang that night.

Then came Mr. Brady Bug
We saw Brady at a pet store in Miami where a local rescue was set up. All of those hairless spots on his face and body are mange, he had other health problems and of course I fell in love with that sad little face and we brought him home. David took one look and said "you brought home a junk yard dog?"

The two of them are about 2 months apart in age, so they grew up together and act like brother and sister, lots of love with some arguing here and there. They are total opposites, Maya is afraid of everything, Brady has courage to spare. A noise outside sends Brady running out the back door and Maya running to me, when he comes back in he lays down next to her or on top of her and she relaxes. Maya loves to cuddle, Brady not so much. Maya demands what she wants and will try to "Lassie" us outside or to the cookies, Brady is content to lay in his bed and chew on a toy. They are perfect together.

And here they are today

Happy and healthy.

I do have two other rescues in my life, these are my two granddogs, yes, my daughter proudly carries on the rescue tradition (I'm so proud of her)

Miss Lola

Miss Hanna
Hanna came from a "kill" shelter where they tattooed her, if she ever came back they would put her down immediately. Everytime I see that mark on her I can't love her enough. 

Please visit Lily Pad Quilting and read more wonderful stories about our beloved rescues. Rescuing a homeless animal can make you feel like a super hero and you are paid with unconditional love, it doesn't get any better than that. 

Later gators,

Saturday, March 1, 2014

New FO for February

2014 NewFO Challenge

It's time again for the New FO linky party at Cat Patches. This month the first thing I did was my "Book It" quilt for the link up at Vroomans Quilts

This one was so different from the style and color I usually do, so I ran straight for my brightest colors and made this
I had originally planned for the entire quilt being the HST's, but found it a little boring, (I know :), so I switched out the set in triangles for solids, which left me with left over blocks, so I made this, it was a bit of a puzzle to figure out, but I like that.

I took part in a Red and White design challenge over at SewCalGals and decided to play a little with one of the designs, I switched the colors to blues and purples.
After making those three I had my bright fix.

When I threw the scraps into my strings stash they came flying right back out at me so I'm working on using up some scraps and making a string quilt or two, you know how that goes, it sounds great until making string blocks has you screaming and running away. 

That's it for February, not bad for such a short month. Remember you only have to start something to join this challenge, start a quilt, make one block and you're qualified, LOL. Easy and fun, just the way I like them. I hope you'll check out the party at Cat Patches.

Later Gators,

Friday, February 28, 2014

Book It for February

I'm really enjoying Sharon's challenge over at Vroomans Quilts, "Book It" is all about picking a book, magazine or pattern that's been hanging around gathering dust (at least that's my interpretation). I've been able to get rid of two magazines out of the stack, blow off the dust, make the quilt, donate the magazine. 

I've made a very similar quilt before, but in bright pretty colors. I've been trying to make some "boy" quilts lately.

Both of my Book It quilts have also used fabric that I've had way too long, so it's working for me, cleaning out and moving on.

Of course, I've misplaced the pictures I took of the magazine and I've already donated it, yes my middle name is Organized, LOL

This is a wonderfully easy challenge, I think we all have books, magazines and patterns that we want to make "someday". Thanks to Sharon for coming up with such a great idea, it's finally "someday"

Later gators,

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cabin Fever?

There's a fun linky party going on over at Lily Pad Quilting, how do you deal with your cabin fever? When I read about it I thought "well I'm out, no cabin fever here", but if you define cabin fever as a strong desire to get outside, well.... yep, I've got that because our weather has been gorgeous! 

I start each day with a 3-4 mile walk with a friend and we visit with these neighbors
Early in the morning the Ibis are sitting on the electric wires, we make sure we don't walk under them :)
Yesterday a whole flock of parrots flew over us, beautiful!

We're still avoiding the street with the alligators, although we haven't seen any lately.

If I'm not walking this is my favorite way to get out.

Once I'm home the terrible twins want a lot of attention, you know how dramatic dogs can be "we thought you were gone forever". So we all go out back to play.
Maya, in full wolf mode, trying to catch a lizard. She hasn't managed to catch one yet, but she has fallen off the deck and gotten her head stuck in the arm of a chair, no pictures since I'm a good mom, laughing the whole time I'm rescuing her.

My mellow Brady Bug just enjoying the sun and company.

Once they're tired out, I do some gardening, the yard always needs work and the flowers think it's spring.

There's always a lot of visitors to the Keys, I've been lucky to see both of these.
This is an old picture, it's illegal to give water or food to the manatees now :(

We see Spoonbills every February.

We don't have a boat at the moment, but we did go out for a sunset ride with friends and a whole pod of these guys stopped by to check us out.

As you can see, I lead a pretty "wild life". Cabin fever? maybe not the way some people are experiencing it, but remember, there's blue skies ahead.
P.S. This is what you get if you stick a coconut in the ground.

Later gators,