Monday, August 29, 2016

Let's Book It August 2016

I know we all say "wow, that month flew by" but seriously was August only about two weeks long? 
It is almost the end of the month and that means it's time for Let's Book It, Sharon's genius idea for cleaning out all of those patterns, books, magazines and bookmarks we want to make, just haven't gotten around to yet.

I don't buy kits, that said, I made this month's quilt from a kit, I know right? I've liked this quilt since I saw it and when Connecting Threads had it on sale I jumped, the fabric alone was worth it. 

 Please excuse the picture, our part of the Sunshine State hasn't seen the sun in at least a week so I took this inside. 

Kudo's to Connecting Threads for having such a great pattern, it was easy to understand and it was all very visual, even the cutting had diagrams of the fabric and cuts, nice big pictures of the fabric so I wasn't muttering to myself "which blue are they talking about, what are you saying?" None of the usual cut 50 of the orange then 42 of the other orange, blah, blah, blah. I don't like patterns because they don't make sense to me, this one did. 

The quilt went together perfectly and I really love it. 

Because of the fabric and color the little stars look like snowflakes to me. 

September could be shorter than August, I'm traveling again, this time to help Cori move into her new home and city. When I get back I'll probably be heading down to Key West for family stuff. 
If the terrible twins come on here complaining about Mom leaving them again, pay them no mind David will be holding down the fort and he's been known to break the rules about no scraps after dinner, plus they both have a brand new coconut, I gave them the coconuts as their prize from Pet's on Quilts (didn't know you could win coconuts did you?)  Remember they will fib for sympathy and treats :)

Think about joining in to this wonderful link up at Vroomans Quilts, I know you have a bucket list with the pattern already in your sewing room. Nothing to buy, you have it and want to make it. so do it. 

Later Gators,

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pets on Quilts 2016

Pets on Quilts 2016

Hi, Maya here
Mom left us home alone while she travels with our human sister to find her a place to live, something to do with moooving, I think they're visiting cows. Dad's here but we may as well be alone since he is NOT the giver of treats. 

This is my brother Brady Bug, most people just call him Bug, they call me princess because I am. 

We just found out that Pet's on Quilts is going on and mom says we win every year and she has to go to the store to get our prizes. Stuffed toys and delicious treats are the prizes so we couldn't let this opportunity get away from us. Plus mom says it's the greatest show in the world. 

Here's Brady doing his best Zoolander
I told him he looked silly and took the quilt to show him how it's done.

Here I am ignoring the paparozzi. 

And since mom says this is an impossible shot to get we took it to make her proud. 

We picked this quilt because mom said it was scrappy and we LOVE scraps, although she must be confused since it didn't taste good and we didn't find it in the trash which is where we find most scraps.  Did you know our mom calls us the terrible twins? That's because she loves us so much. 

We are entering as Dogs on Quilts, princess and bug.  There are plenty of other pets, quilts and animals to see and enjoy, Pet's on Quilts really is the best show since it's filled with love. 

And mom, could you hurry home and bring our prizes with you?

Maya Grace and Brady Bug.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Let's Book It July 2016

July is waving goodbye and August is looming (my birthday month, the party starts on the first and runs all month), so it's time for Let's Book It over at Vrooman's Quilts. I've raved about this linky so many times, just make something from a magazine, book, pattern or anything that you already own and planned on making and link up. It's a great way to stop collecting and start doing. 

I've been dealing with life (it's kicking my butt) so no time to look through magazines for a pattern so I play quilter's roulette, click on a bookmark or download and that's what I make. This month I really won, the winning click was a download from Accuquilt for their Falling Diamonds Quilt. I didn't use my Go! for this, it's HST's and I used the eight at a time method.

It's a barn raising, but you make blocks to get that diamond thing going on (diamond thing is official terminology) 

The directions were simple, chain piecing made it fast and I even used the colors they used. Perfect pattern! 

 And I had the best backing for it, I've had this for a while and knew something would come along that it would work with, bonus!

Let's Book It has hit the summer doldrums so if you've been thinking about joining in now's the time. Sharon offers a prize, but I always think just cleaning things out is a sure win. 

Yesterday there was so much going on here that my across the street neighbor opened his door and yelled "I'm keeping an eye on you Dana" he's joking, but this morning I'm declaring myself officially overwhelmed, locking the doors, grabbing the terrible twins and heading out back to do nothing, another thing you may want to consider doing.  

Later Gators,

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Let's Book It June 2016

June is coming to an end so it's time for the Let's Book It link up at Vroomans Quilts. 

This was a busy month and I thought I end up doing something simple, but I've also been feeling the urge to do something different and a little challenging. 

I got back to my stack of magazines and found this, it's Fabric Trends for Quilters, Summer 2007. They don't publish this any longer, the patterns are made from specific fabric lines.

I went right past this one, it's pretty but has a lot going on. The next to last page had the layout diagram which was so pretty I went back for another look. The blocks got lost in that background fabric. 

The original blocks were 9 inches, I shrunk the block to 6 inches so it would be a baby quilt.
Using white made the blocks stand out and the design takes center stage. I drew the smaller block in EQ and used an app on my Ipad called Blockfab HD which gave me the cutting sizes for the square in a square in a square, EQ dropped the ball on that one. 

I stippled the whole quilt and finished it yesterday, pictures with the terrible twins today and it's a success :)

I'm happy to have finished it but no finishes are required to join in, just be working on something from a pattern you already have, magazine, book, actual pattern or even web pages you've bookmarked qualify. I love this link up since it gets me moving on that stack of magazines and basically no rules. Check it out at Vroomans Quilts where Sharon resides, she came up with a great idea with this one. 

For those of you who are friends with Debbie (Stitchin Therapy) she's back in the hospital, please keep those prayers and positive thoughts going for her. 

Later Gators,

Monday, June 27, 2016

She Did It!

This is a proud mother post :)

David and I went up to Ft. Lauderdale for the big event, his mother came in from N.J. and his sister came from Chicago.

We stayed right on the beach and had our coffee sitting in the sand watching this the first morning.

And this the next morning

Such a gorgeous start to this:
Cori earned her doctorate in Psychology. 

Proud Dad

We did find an amazing dog sitter who texted me twice a day with pictures of the terrible twins. 
Maya had me rushing back to the Vet with an infection one more time before we left, so seeing that smiling face was a real gift.

Brady found the woman of his dreams and is still wondering if he'd rather have his new friend Marcie here or me. 

We celebrated, partied and ate and ate and ate, isn't that what family does when they come together like this?

The robes were hot, but I got her to wear that impressive hat on for a bit longer. 

We are all back to our homes and playing catch up, but I'm still glowing with pride. 


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Update on the "advice please"

I wanted to give you an update on the bleeding quilt

Lisa Marie suggested I try Synthrapol, as did many of you, so the next morning I ran north with three possible places to buy it. First place when I couldn't find it I asked for help but the woman spoke no English and my three years of Spanish allows me to ask your name and invite you to my casa. It was almost funny. Next two places no joy either, so I came home empty handed, except for two Hibiscus bushes, I'm not running north and not buying something.  

Meanwhile Lara sent me this link:

which I highly recommend you check out. Bottom line, Dawn Pure may work just as well as Synthrapol, may be easier to find and is less expensive, of course my grocery doesn't have it and I didn't want to run north again. So I did the new backing. 

I ironed front and back of the quilt to get it really flat, added the new backing right over the old one then did stitch in the ditch around the squares. I had done straight line quilting in the borders, so after re-ironing I did the straight line right over the original ones, I thought that would look better on the back. It looks a little wrinkly in the picture, but it's not. 

The front still has all of the original free motion that I did, which I do regret doesn't show on the back, but there's no way I could have followed those stitches. 
When the bleed happened there are a few places on the front that have a pink tinge, it blends in so I wasn't worried about it, but I did wash it in Dawn, nothing changed still pink. 
Debbie at the Quilt Journal told me the secret to having this work is really hot water and a good soak in a tub. 

Lots of good advice and hopefully lesson learned. Color catchers are pretty much useless in this situation, I'll still use them in prewashing just to let me know if there is a problem. 

I think I would have tried the other options if time had been on my side. I've been playing a responsible adult, booking hotel rooms, coordinating
 schedules, and then there's these two:

They needed to do their annual visit to the Vet, two separate visits since one is a problem child.  

The Vet said Brady Bug is perfect :)

Maya, who was at the Vet every month from Dec. through April because of allergies had a broken tooth which needed to be extracted immediately. Surgery was scheduled two days later. She's fine now, on medication and soft foods, which both of them are enjoying. 

I needed to find a pet sitter, we've never left them with strangers. So after lots of research and an interview I found someone. She asked if she could put their picture on Facebook, no mention of who they belong to, and I agreed. Now I wonder if I'll lose respect for my dogs after I see what the two of them post. :)

Thanks for all of the advice, you rock! 

Later Gators,

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Advice Please

I messed up and you guys always have good ideas when I do that, so here goes. 

I had finished the last of the sewing for other peoples quilts, threw it in the washer and caught it before the dryer, here's what I saw

The binding I used bled all over the back of the quilt, you can see how bad it bled along the edge. I immediately rewashed with a color catcher, but no help at all, maybe worse.

This is the front, which has very little of the bleed and what it did get just blends in. 

Here's what I hope will work, I took the binding off and pressed the quilt flat again. I'm thinking of just putting a new back over the old and doing stitch in the ditch around the basic blocks. The original quilting did stitch in the ditch around both frames and outline stitching around the animals. I figure the old back still being there will hold the original quilting in place. 

What do you think? will this work? I really don't want to try to requilt all of it and I really really don't want to try to rip out all of the quilting. 

When I saw what had happened I grabbed the offending red, a pink that I knew would bleed and another red that I just didn't trust and threw them all away. Once I calmed down I remembered that I had this

I've used it the way they say to and it's never worked, but this time I poured it right into my washer and threw the red in with it. Then I rewashed the red with a color catcher.

It worked so well and I pulled the other two fabrics out of the trash and repeated pouring it into the washer. Worked like a charm, but of course too late for my quilt. 

So what do you think? Will just putting a new back over the old one work? Can I get away with just stitch in the ditch to hold the new one in place? Advice? Sympathy, I'll take anything at this point. 

Thanks for being out there you guys :)

Later Gators,