Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Crafted Applique: New Possibilities Blog Hop and Giveaway

Welcome to my day of the Crafted Applique: New Possibilities Blog Hop! When Lara asked me to be part of the hop and do a review of her new book I was honored but, once I had read the book I was excited. She's come up with an idea for treating fabric so you can applique without worrying about fraying. 

So let me tell you about my friend Lara Buccella, the author (I just love saying that), we met through "Pet's on Quilts", it's true you meet the nicest people there. It wasn't until we had discussed pets, rescues, kids and so much of our lives that I found out she was writing a book, that's a good thing since I would have been awestruck, keep your movie stars, I'm impressed with creative people and boy, is she creative. Check out her blog and make sure you look at her "Good and Done" page and then look at her "imperfect" free motion quilting, I dream of being that imperfect.  

The book was waiting for me when I arrived home after a 2 1/2 hour drive from Key West, yes my life is hard. I thought I'd just skim it, but I ended up reading it cover to cover and became completely lost in the projects. Oh my, those projects! 

Look at this house, it's a sewing machine cover! The instructions are so clear and detailed I see this in my future, mine will probably have dogs in the flowerbeds and maybe a gremlin or two on the roof. 
That was biggest problem I had with this review, which project would I want to make first, they're not just patterns, although you can use them that way, they're projects to make some really fun, original things. 

I had an epiphany moment though and dug out my box of "I'll never make these" patterns. 
 I bought this ages ago and after looking at those tiny pieces and raw edges I knew it couldn't survive in my house, if something can't go through the dishwasher or washing machine it can't live here. 

I recently had this happen to one of my quilts that I had satin stitched all around the edges of the applique
and the last applique I did was orange peels with turned under edges and I'm not fond of how much the iron burned my fingers doing it that way.

Using Lara's method I made my little wall hanging, the prep time is a little longer than just ironing on a fusible, but after getting all the pieces in place I realized I didn't need to sew them down before sandwiching, I would normally spend hours doing a satin stitch. 
Here's my project out of the washer and dryer.

Then because I really wanted to see how good this was I threw that wall hanging into the washer and dryer every time I did laundry, he's been washed 6 times.

Here it is again after all of that washing, I did press it since my poor mama manatee was pretty wrinkled.

Here are the pieces that I couldn't have turned or zig zagged

Nothing is fraying, it all looks perfect and I am thrilled. 

The book also has a method to back coat fabric to stop that annoying see through when you layer a light applique over something darker, I've had that happen a few times, so on my next run to the mainland I'll be getting what I need so you can't see Santa's jolly red coat through his fluffy beard, so annoying.

The no fray and back coating processes are so easy and they won't gum up your machine or needle. I've been sworn to secrecy so don't ask, you can try to bribe me with fabric, that could be fun and a good test of just how strong and trustworthy I am. 

Lara has generously offered a copy of her book as a giveaway on every stop of the tour, so make sure you hop to each of the other bloggers, the list is below.

To win a copy here, just leave a comment about anything by June 4. You can tell me if you like applique or what fabric you would bribe me with :)   Please make sure I have an email address for you.

Even if you don't win a copy, this book is amazing and I highly recommend you buy a copy. Amazon is currently sold out (you rock Lara!) with more copies due on May 5th, but you can order a signed copy by clicking here

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One last picture because Wilbur loved the book and Brady's in the back photo bombing.

Later Gators,

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Let's Book It April 2016

The end of the month and it's time for my favorite link up, Sharon's "Let's Book It" over at Vrooman's Quilts. We all buy those patterns, magazines and books, then too often they sit there. I've been going through old magazines and passing them on finally, but this month I dug up a pattern that's been waiting patiently to be made. 

If you're on Pinterest, you've seen the Sea Glass Quilt

This one's been on my bucket list for a long time so when I was asked to make a baby quilt with this pattern, how could I say no? Force me to make a beautiful quilt I've wanted to make for a long time :) 

We discussed colors and we were sticking close to the original colors with a little pink or Coral (Key's girl Cori's real name) thrown in, when she told me she wanted to pull colors from the quilt to plan the nursery. Stop everything, what!? That was a lot of pressure. 

So I pulled out the big guns
Yep, 96 not a wimpy 64 and yes I labeled them since Cori and I colored a lot together and she would "borrow" my crayons. Mom note: coloring after school together got me more conversation then the usual "nothing went on at school today". 

I did this
Three colors to pull from in all shades.

Then made this

I love this quilt as does the mom, I think it's possibly the prettiest quilt I've ever made. 

Quilting was outlining with petals quilted into the open white spaces. I found the perfect backing of similar flowers, you can't really see it in the picture, but there's touches of pink and lilac there. 

Huge success and I can use it for my Let's Book It, bonus! Please jump over and visit Sharon and all of the other linkers (linkyers?). 

To make all of those petals, I turned under the edges, lots of burned fingers from the iron even using my stick thing. I had just finished this when I received my friend Lara's book Crafted Applique - New Possibilities. Lara blogs at BuzzinBumble and she came up with a new idea for doing applique which doesn't fray. I'll be part of her blog hop on May 3 to review the book, but right now I can tell you I'll be doing this quilt again without burned fingers using Lara's method. 

Later Gators,

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Let's Book It March 2016

I had to think before I typed in March since that doesn't seem possible, but yep, it's true we are at the end of March and it's time for the end of the month Let's Book It link up. 

I feel like I may have cheated this month, but really this link up doesn't have any rules, if it's on your bucket list than you're good to go. I've been getting rid of tons of magazines, but this month I wandered off and did a tutorial from Happy Quilting blog, it's also a free pattern on Craftsy. 

This is Melissa Corry's Double Dredsen. If you're on pinterest I'm sure you've seen it tons of times, it's one of those pins that resurfaces and makes the rounds over and over. 

I love Dresden's, but I'm not crazy about the big centers that happen if you use shorter blades, that giant circle in the center leaves me cold, so when I saw what Melissa did with these centers I had to make them. 

I used a fat quarter pack of candy colored fabrics and floated the Dresdens. 

The center was so easy to do and really changed the look without the big glob of color you usually see in Dresdens, even using a white center wouldn't have made them as pretty as these turned out. I'm thinking now that putting a color under the Dresden and finishing it this way could be pretty too and I may try that in the future. 

Please visit the other people joining Let's Book It and think about joining in yourself, it's your bucket list, as easy as that. 

Later Gators,

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Problem with Scraps? Maybe

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict

First Sarah started talking about her scrap problem and she shared pictures of her scraps in tubs. O.K. maybe I need tubs to hide them. I don't, I have an old zippered bag that a store bought quilt comes in that I haven't been able to zipper in years and the overflow goes into reusable store bags.

Then I found some of my scraps in the yard which means they're falling on the floor and getting mixed with dog toys.

Thanks Mom, we love new toys! Am I in trouble? 

Time to start using up some of those scraps, before I could even get started Debbie posted her wonky star and a link to the tutorial from Missouri Quilt Co., perfect timing and I was off.

First I planned on using the plain white blocks like the tutorial, but adding color is always my way, plus use more scraps, so I framed all of the white squares.

When I laid it out for sandwiching I decided maybe just a touch more color was needed, so I added the border, more color and more scraps used. :)

Quilting was just outlining the stars and these swirly thingys (that's the official name, I swear) in each of the white spaces, they were fun to make

I feel like it was a group effort, Sarah made me aware and Debbie sent me in the right direction, so thanks you two, I wouldn't have done it without you.  
This quilt didn't even make a dent in the scrap piles so I'll be searching for more fun and interesting ideas. I know there's always log cabins and strings. Oddly, the two books I have for scrap quilts have quilts made from an entire line of fabrics, huh, I wish I had scraps like that :)

Later Gators,

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Let's Book It Feb. 2016

Not only does Sharon's Let's Book It party help me clean out old magazines and patterns, it also tells me another month is coming to an end. February being "the little guy" really crept up on me, surprise it's over. It's been crazy busy around here the last few months, we both have new to us vehicles, mine tried to kill me after I had it two months (that was fun), lots of trips to the Vet, Maya has developed some allergies which the Vet can't figure out and the amazing daughter flew all over the country to interview for her post doc, residency, fellow (pick your terminology they're all basically the same). Stressful for me but wonderful for her, she saw snow in Wisconsin which she hasn't seen since her first time when she was four and discovered it's cold, this time she learned it's slippery, LOL. In a few months she and I will be traveling to find her a place to live, not in Wisconsin, but no longer two hours away, sad but exciting.  

With all that I forgot that I pretty much avoid new quilt magazines since the goal is to get rid of the ones I have and I found myself in front of an array of magazines and this one caught my eye.
 American Patchwork and Quilting Feb. 2016

Just look at that cover quilt, how could I resist, it's so bright and beautiful! 

The cover says Just 3 Fabrics, but I never noticed that, I was just so in love with that quilt. The 3 fabrics were Ombre which I don't have in my stash and wasn't about to buy, but it was easy to switch it out to solids and the quilt is still beautiful.

So much movement and color. 

The blocks were a log cabin style and came together perfectly. I finished it with awkward feather flowers (Debbie please don't look) which were fun but.... well, awkward. 

I used the left over pieces to make a pretty pieced back.

This quilt was just the color jolt I needed, next will be Dresden's for the March Let's Book It and hopefully my mojo will come back.

Please visit Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts to see all of the other projects, remember there are no rules, no finishes required just make something you already planned on making, how easy is that?

Later Gators,

Friday, January 29, 2016

Let's Book It January 2016

Let's Book It is back for 2016! I was so happy when Sharon at Vrooman's Quilts said she was continuing, I'm more than half way through my stack of magazines so 2016 is going to be my year to reclaim that shelf space.

I've been sewing for other people since the beginning of December, being responsible and whining ever so slightly about wanting to play. So the responsible thing to do is not miss the first link up, right? The first magazine in the stack had the perfect quilt, lots of color and really fast piecing.

McCall's Quilting June 2009

Jelly Beans by Michele Scott

Of course I just happened to have all of these wonderful colors in my stash :)
Isn't it just too much fun, bright and graphic. I left off the borders because....well I'll blame Sharon

The quilting was just stitch in the ditch and an outline, not a straight line anywhere because wonky is just fun. 

I had it done in just a few days and settled back down to the repair quilt. If your interested, I did take the back off, ditched the very thin old batting, replaced the torn blocks and used a really light fusible stabilizer on the remaining original blocks (they all had holes in the centers from the ties). New batting and a stitch in the ditch and it was done. I did not tie it again, my niece is starting to quilt and I think if it's important to her she can add the ties. It came out feeling nice and solid again and I'm hoping she uses it, I don't want that much loved quilt sitting on a shelf in the closet, that's just sad.

Please join us for Let's Book It, it's something you know you want to do, meaning it's a quilt you already have the directions or pattern for, plus there's an adorable little car as incentive. Change that to Bob Barker's voice and say "and a new car!!!" LOL.

Later Gators,

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Help Please

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and you've all recovered. 
I spent most of December working on a custom quilt that I happily put in the mail right after New Year's, huge and not my usual colors but interesting to make. 

Sorry about the pictures, the sunshine state is not living up to it's name and Brady is right behind that quilt waiting to burst through. The woman I made it for has a bunch of my smaller quilts that she uses for table covers when she has garden parties. She asked me about making a large one for her dining room, 60" X 80" with the design in the center and the colors matching her carpet. I sent her three ideas and she picked this one. 

This is the center which is 40" X 60". It was pretty interesting and challenging, and the best part is done, in the mail and on it's way overseas. :)

I have one more project to do before I can play my way, although I did whip up a colorful quick quilt for this months Let's Book It, I really needed to play with some brights. 

This is my niece's quilt, her mother sent it to me asking me to repair it.

Again, no sun so I took the pictures inside. It's twin size and pretty basic, large blocks and tied.

Some of the minimal damage

The worst damage

The backing is a sheet with the sides turned up to make the binding, most of the ties are gone and some of the seams are separating. 
At first I was going to hand sew new blocks to replace the old and no idea about the seams. It would have to be done carefully since it couldn't show on the back. 

Now I wonder if I can take the backing off, it's hand sewn at the binding, but nothing except a few ties is really holding it and with the backing off I can replace and repair, probably replace the batting, put it back together and retie it.

Does anyone see anything wrong with this idea? I don't want to dismantle and find out it was a huge mistake. It seems logical to me, but well... logic and I are not the best of friends. 

Ideas, tips, prayers are all accepted, throwing it in the trash or just sending it back are NOT an option. 
Later Gators,