Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Enough Already!

We are into our 5th day of rain, not just rain but high winds, lightening, and the possibility of tornadoes. They just closed our schools because there are 42 bridges in the Keys and it's dangerous for the buses driving in wind. That's our version of snow days. The real problem is that we aren't used to this. Unless it's a hurricane (I don't like using the H word) it doesn't rain here for very long. We are all sun lovers so after about 3 days the crankies kick in and everyone is acting just a little crazy. Right now my house is shaking from the thunder, I have a worried dog trying to climb into my lap, the satellite is in and out (just enough I can hear the warning chimes going off, but can't read what they are warning us about), the internet is sputtering and I have my own case of the crazies. This is all because some little no name, want to be H word, who doesn't have the force to grow big is passing by. Vent over.

Stormy Days is because that is the best time to quilt although this is too much. Anyway, after all of the charity quilting I looked around with that "what's next" frame of mind and saw this:

That's my strings bag and it is overflowing. I usually use small blocks for my strings 6" or 8", but it seemed like a good idea to use 12 1/2" blocks this time, faster, bigger, perfect. After 2 blocks I knew that wasn't for me. I had to pin and iron as I went, which I don't want to do. So I made 4 and made this:

Pretty, right?

Then I went back to 6" blocks and made this:

More pretty. Now I can't make another string block without screaming and the sad thing is that I took that picture of my string bag after I made these. 

I'm off to wander around my house, cuddle my dogs and pull my hair out. Hope you're weather is better.

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  1. oh my goodness Dana! scary stuff! we are 98 degrees yesterday and the sun is shining as it often is here in AZ :) be safe!
    that bag of fabric looks beautiful but those quilts are GORGEOUS! such beautiful colors!

  2. Both of these are so pretty. Your string bag needs an Make more strings and squares and triangles....and so on. We got a little bit of rain today from your small H word..and a cold front arrives tonight. I'm loving to clean out a closet.

  3. Just love your string quilts. I don't have bags, but 3 large totes full and I don't think I have as pretty colors as you.