Wednesday, October 12, 2011

100 Quilts for Kids Link Up Party

Today is the link up party for 100 Quilts for Kids. I've already shown you the girl's quilt I made for the sew along.

And here's the boy's quilt finished.

That pattern was fast and easy, so I made another quilt for a boy and a girl.

I'm delivering them to the Women's Abuse Shelter tomorrow. I've delivered gifts to them at Christmas before and I know that the women and children have often had to walk away from everything to get to safety, but I wasn't sure about the quilts. When I contacted them to see if they were interested their reaction was so wonderful that I dug into my quilts and found 5 more to take. So tomorrow I will be delivering 9 quilts in all. Feels good.

Thanks for stopping by,


  1. Good for you, I dropped off mine as well.

  2. Wow...very good job on them. Now, you have inspired me.

  3. 9!!! What a wonderful thing. I'm sure they will be well-loved. DC Modern quilt guild donated to a similar shelter last year, and it was great!

  4. Thanks for the great ideas for Linus quilts.