Saturday, October 15, 2011

Foto Finish Orange

Over at Cat Patches the Foto Finish theme is Orange. I've missed a few weeks either to a lack of time or ideas, but I can do orange. 

This is a Hibiscus that grows in my back yard. The plant is huge, much taller than I am. This plant started life at a neighbors house with about 5 other hibiscus in her yard and they were all big and beautiful. She was an older woman and loved her plants. When she reached a place in life where she could no longer live alone, her daughter took her in and they sold her house. Before she left, she gave me a bunch of her potted plants, since her daughter had no room for them. 

The people who bought her house ripped all of the hibiscus out of the ground and piled them by the road for trash pick up. My girlfriend and I ran a  raid and dragged them all to my house, much to my husbands horror. 
To plant anything in the ground here you literally need a jack hammer and lots of dirt, since we live on an island made of rock (old coral) and lots of my plants grow in pots. These hibiscus were way to big and needed to be in the ground. It took us days to get them all planted and they have thanked us many times by producing these beautiful flowers. The iguanas like to visit them too, since hibiscus is a favorite food. I really like the iguanas too, which is a very unpopular view here in the Keys.

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  1. Absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad you rescued them. I know about that jack hammer dirt. Southern California can be that way too. My dad used a jack hammer to plant some oleanders once.

  2. OooOOooH! I don't believe I've seen a hibiscus that color!! That is just gorgeous.

    Thanks for sharing the whole story with us. :D

  3. It is absolutely beautiful. I'm so glad that you rescued them. What a shame to just throw them away like that.

  4. Oh my goodness! That is one gorgeous flower! I would have done the same thing as you did at all costs to save those wonderful bushes! You are being rewarded and anyone that views it is as well!! Thank you for sharing it with us! Ooooh Iguanas, they would be so fun to watch!

  5. dang that is gorgeous!!! what a blessing that is to have those flowers! you do beautiful photgraphy too!

  6. That is so pretty!!! Now, make it into a quilt :)