Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Brady and I Won!! and Your Opinion Please

If you've been here for awhile, you know that I love and adore my two furbabies Brady and Maya.

I started my blog just so I could show them off in the Pets On Quilts Show over at SewCalGals.
I am definitely one of those "don't get her started people" when it comes to them.
So when I saw a post on Facebook from The Quilted Kitty, to post pictures for National Love Your Pet Day, how could I resist? 

First I posted a Maya baby picture:

Then went back and posted a before and after of Brady Bug

The Quilted Kitty picked two people for a $25.00 gift certificate and Brady was one of the winners. Yeah!

Now here's where I want your opinion or ideas. Remember this?

I made this for a local Cat Rescue Group for one of their fundraisers. When I gave it to them they asked if I would make another for the next fundraiser, which is rapidly approaching in April. I do have another of the original panel which I cut up, so I could make another similar quilt. The framing fabric is long gone, but that's not a problem. So, do I make this as a matching quilt or does anyone have any ideas for a really cute cat quilt, or maybe a link to some ideas? They have some cute cat fabric at The Quilted Kitty, but I really have no idea how to use it, I think the pressure is getting to me and my mind is blank. I've pretty much decided that whatever I make I'll use the gift certificate towards the charity quilt, that feels right. 
Anything you think might help is appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. Congrats to you and Brady! Love the cat is purrfectly wonderful, so why try to improve on it. Make another like a companion piece is my vote.

  2. I adore this quilt, the simple lines and blue details make it just wonderful.

    For other options I went digging and I found this one. I think you could apply the same idea, by appliqueing a ball of yard and running it in and around the cat panel blocks.

    In this way it could be different yet the similar, attracting many of the same bidders as before and perhaps pulling in the winning bidder of your last quilt to try their hand again.

    Other great cat quilt that comes to mind are the ones that look like patchwork steps with cat silhouettes.

    I always have trouble with the cat prints though. They always seem to tell me to make smaller things, like pot mitts, covers, drink cozies ect, surely not your top bidding items...

  3. I have LOTS of cat patterns, but this one you have pictured would be simple and quick. I'd stick with that and just use something different for the framing.

  4. Congratulations.....I am passing on the Liebster Blog award to you.
    Don't hit me

  5. Well, whatever you decide, I am sure it will be lovely.Just breathe a moment...or go take a shower. I do all my thinking in the shower. :)

    Your fur baby deserved the win!