Thursday, February 16, 2012


I had this post in my head and planned it for Valentine's Day, but had to go to Key West (I know, poor Dana had to go to Key West :) , so I missed Valentine's Day. 

This is the first "real" quilt I made, the first one that I took pride in and just kept looking at saying "I made that". I still do that and hope I never lose it.

Goofing off,  taking a break at work one day I saw an animation on how to make a log cabin block, came home and started this. So easy, so pretty, I love Log Cabin.

I call this my first "real" quilt because I had made a few with embroidery blocks and sashing, which were pretty and honestly I had no idea what I was doing. I was pulling quilts to donate when I found one of those originals. 

See the block separating from the binding? I guess I didn't want to minimize the size of the block, so I sewed the bare minimum.

Here's the binding. I sewed a tiny hem on both sides of a strip of fabric, then sewed it on. I made this a little over two years ago and I'm pretty amazed at how much I've learned in that time. This quilt has been cut apart and I've sewn the blocks into another quilt which will make it's way to the local women's shelter. 

Meanwhile, I've made the original log cabin in different colors by request. Here's a pink and green which is much loved in England right now.

I made it just recently again in pastels. This could be my favorite because I love mint greens and blues together and I really like the all over stippling that softens it. The others were all stitch in the ditch, it's all I knew how to do.

So, there are my hearts. One of my goals is to show more of my quilts here, I get caught up in the sewing and quilting and don't think about the blog. Then it's on to something else and the blog stays in my head. I'm working on it. 

Happy Belated Valentine's Day.


  1. I love these quilts, Dana. Very sweet.

  2. Oh even if a little late, thank you for sharing. Always good to hold the beginnings in our hearts. Just love the blue/green pastel! How pretty they all are.

  3. These are so beautiful!!! I especially love the pink & green: )

  4. Your quilts are really beautiful! Pink with green is just adorable!

  5. The teal and pink combo is so striking. But your last one is the best.....right colors and the stippling just brings it all together. Great job on all!