Saturday, September 10, 2011

Cats Day

My friend George has a post today about Mo Cat's Day, so in honor of him and the day I want to share this. 

A couple of months ago these were in my front garden and there more under the front steps.

No mama cat showed up and I ended up buying kitten formula and bottle feeding them.

Big problem though, the beautiful Maya, has a problem with other animals. She thinks Brady is hers, so he's allowed. When I called the humane society, they told me to bring them in, they would put them down for me. Wait??? What??? Did you see how cute they are?

A wonderful woman at the pet store, told me about Caring For Cats. They are two islands down from me and when I showed up with my carrier full of kittens, they were amazing. Beautiful and clean facilities full of healthy cats and kittens.  They took the kittens, assured me they will find them homes, laughed at my worries and have permanent places in my heart. I know they have a big fund raiser coming, Casting for Cats, (almost every fund raiser here has to do with fishing), but they also have a silent auction at the award dinner. So I made them this. 

That was a Kaufman panel that I cut up, framed in the aquas and mint green, then added white. If it all works out I hope to make them many more quilts. 

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  1. What a lovely gesture, Dana. I remember your little kitties and the one with the Mickey Mouse ears.

  2. Hello! First I like to say that I love your dog! Those tiny kittens look so beautiful - I'm so happy to hear that you found a place to leave them! Here it's very difficult and I was lucky to send one rescue kitten with my friend to his new home in Finland!
    The quilt you have made is just adorable!
    xxx Teje

  3. Oh wow, lovely quilt. Now do you have the selvages from that panel because my border print is surely from the same series. Maybe I should dig out my own and do a search.

    What a story about the kittens, how nice of you to make them that quilt it will surely bring in a nice sum to help with the care and placement of those little dears. I can't imagine hearing bring them in we'll put them down. That's heart wrenching!

  4. awww Those little babies are precious! you have made my day by telling your story, I am an animal lover too so your post warms my heart :) Now your pooch looks about the sweetest thing! I have 4 dogs (along with the 2 horses and a cat) :)
    LOVE your quilt, that is the sweetest gesture!

  5. So happy you saved these cute kittens. And what a very nice thing to do too (help make a quilt for this groups' fundraiser). Beautiful quilt. Truly going to be treasured by the lucky winner and I'm sure it will raise a lot of money.

    Big hug! Good job!