Saturday, February 11, 2012

Foto Finish - Doors

It's time for Foto Finish at Cat Patches again and this weeks optional theme is Doors. I'm going to stretch that a bit and show you what was at our door back in Oct. of 2008. Some of you know the story of Maya and Brady, our two rescues and you may also I'm passionate about rescue.

This is Maya right after we took her in. Someone had dumped a litter of puppies on the side of the highway, don't worry, they all found homes and none of them were injured. Could you say no to that face, when you're asked if you can take her?

A few days later exploring her new yard

A couple of weeks later, helping Daddy do the yard work.

Now. This is where she spends a lot of her time, watching the world go by out of her window when she isn't bossing us or her little brother Brady Bug around. 

Want to help shelter pets and have a little fun? On the right of my blog near the top is a bling button for Free Kibble. Everyday they have two new trivia questions, one for dogs and one for cats. They aren't always easy, but right or wrong when you answer the question, they donate food to shelters. You can even have a reminder emailed to you everyday. They never spam and don't give out your email. It takes about 30 seconds and I enjoy starting my day with a little bit of trivia.

I hope you enjoyed my version of Foto Finish and go on over to Cat Patches to join in the fun.

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  1. Gorgeous!! And I love the blue eye as well!

  2. What a sweetheart! Thanks for the info on the food donations.

  3. She is so gorgeus and beautiful! Thank you for sharing those sweet puppy photos - like my Nero as a little boy! I'm happy to hear that those puppies were lucky and found homes.
    x Teje & Nero

  4. I love seeing pictures of Maya, and thanks for the tip on the free kibble. I'm off to go stun them into giving Kibble away with my answers. :-)

  5. awww! what a beautiful story Dana and you are such a blessing to Maya and her a blessing to you!

    thank you for sharing about the food donation! that is wonderful!