Saturday, February 18, 2012

Foto Finish - The Way I See It

The optional theme for Cat Patches Foto Finish is "The Way I See It". I've seen these words a lot lately in political monologues, so it's nice to use them creatively instead of boring. Here's mine:

We have a lot of fireworks in the Keys and the best way to watch is from a boat on the water, they always shoot them off from a barge out on the water, so you see the fireworks and the reflections from the water, beautiful.  The boat must have been in the spa, or we were lazy and I took this picture from land. I really like the way the palm trees lit up and the layers of smoke. Different and beautiful.

I hope you jump over to Cat Patches and check out the other photos. Fun as always.

As a little aside, does anyone know why so many of the blogs have those horrible new word verification's? Is this something new with Blogger?  I'm talking about the two words with a black and white background. I can't see them, I'll try once but if it doesn't work, I'm gone. I guess I'll be leaving less comments, which means more time for quilting.  

Thanks for coming by,


  1. Great image, Dana. Love it. Yes, I think Blogger has changed its tool. I guess I'm going to have to disable it, but I know I'll get spammed.

  2. That is one great photo moment. Thanks for sharing. One of the other posts here mentioned she took the word verification off.

  3. Great shot - love the colours and effect of fireworks against the trees.

  4. I just noticed those horrible word verifications myself. Just awful nearly impossible to read. Love the picture.