Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Red and White Quilt Challenge Design It!

red and white quilt show - Design It

When SewCalGal announced the Red and White Quilt Design Challenge it really got me thinking, I've never made one and honestly never thought I would, I'm much more of a use every color and see if I can make you put your shades on quilter.

But, I love a challenge, I love EQ7 and I had just gotten Block Base for Christmas (that means I bought it, wrapped it and handed it to my husband).

Here's just a few quilts that I came up with.

 I used two blocks with this one and set them on point. I think it would be wonderful in batiks
The quilt finishes at 63 inches square and uses 2 yards of white with 5 1/2 yards of various reds.

Next was this one

This one only used one block, but I used two reds, one just a little lighter and subtler, trying to get a fade in and out look. If I changed the red too much it lost the effect.
This one finishes at 41 inches square and used 1 yard of white and 1 yard of each of the reds.

Since it's February we all know what holiday is looming so I think that influenced the next two quilts.
X's and O's
The X's and O's was meant as a baby quilt so it finishes at 38 inches by 38 inches. It needs 2 yards of white and 2 yards of various reds.

and a traditional log cabin heart. 
Finished size for this one is 56 inches by 65 inches and uses 2 1/2 inches white and 4 yards of various reds.

Log cabin will always be my favorite block, so while I was playing with them I made this
Can you see an elephant?  At this point I knew it was time to stop, LOL. 
I can't leave out his stats, he's 65 inches by 65 inches (what a great cuddle quilt he'll be) and uses 3 yards white and 4 yards of various reds. He's made with 9 inch blocks so I may go back and fiddle a bit to see how he would do as a wall hanging. You can never have too many elephant wall hangings, right? 

I do think I'm going to make at least a couple of these quilts, probably not the elephant, if I do he'll be purple. 

This has been great fun and I want to thank SewCalGal for putting together the challenge and starting the thought process for me. The design challenge will be open until March 23rd, plenty of time to dream in red and white. You don't need to use software for the design, anything will do, even colored pencils and graph paper, so think about joining in and challenging yourself.

Thanks for stopping by.

Later gators,


  1. I always thought you saw pink elephants! I like the first one best - great play with design.

  2. Ditto to what Sharon said. Love the first one and would be very beautiful. But the elephant....he is a very close second. You absolutely MUST make it.....in any color.

  3. I love your elephant!! Yes, sometimes I too have worked on EQ too long, but I won't be sharing any of those quilts (applause). Seriously, I really think that your first two quilt designs show a lot of movement.

  4. You did great! I especially like the first one.

  5. Great quilts.
    Had to laugh at the elephant...this is exactly what I do in EQ after a while so I end up with all these slightly unusual and wonderful quilts in the program. Just love it.

  6. I just love that top one, playing with the different reds together. :D