Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Cabin Fever?

There's a fun linky party going on over at Lily Pad Quilting, how do you deal with your cabin fever? When I read about it I thought "well I'm out, no cabin fever here", but if you define cabin fever as a strong desire to get outside, well.... yep, I've got that because our weather has been gorgeous! 

I start each day with a 3-4 mile walk with a friend and we visit with these neighbors
Early in the morning the Ibis are sitting on the electric wires, we make sure we don't walk under them :)
Yesterday a whole flock of parrots flew over us, beautiful!

We're still avoiding the street with the alligators, although we haven't seen any lately.

If I'm not walking this is my favorite way to get out.

Once I'm home the terrible twins want a lot of attention, you know how dramatic dogs can be "we thought you were gone forever". So we all go out back to play.
Maya, in full wolf mode, trying to catch a lizard. She hasn't managed to catch one yet, but she has fallen off the deck and gotten her head stuck in the arm of a chair, no pictures since I'm a good mom, laughing the whole time I'm rescuing her.

My mellow Brady Bug just enjoying the sun and company.

Once they're tired out, I do some gardening, the yard always needs work and the flowers think it's spring.

There's always a lot of visitors to the Keys, I've been lucky to see both of these.
This is an old picture, it's illegal to give water or food to the manatees now :(

We see Spoonbills every February.

We don't have a boat at the moment, but we did go out for a sunset ride with friends and a whole pod of these guys stopped by to check us out.

As you can see, I lead a pretty "wild life". Cabin fever? maybe not the way some people are experiencing it, but remember, there's blue skies ahead.
P.S. This is what you get if you stick a coconut in the ground.

Later gators,


  1. Love all the photos - I don't think I would walk on the street with gators either. A need to escape no matter what the reason - certainly that feeling needs fullfilling.

  2. I brought hime two coconuts from Florida....wish I could plunk them in OHIO soil. Glad you are in the Cabin fever linky!

  3. I'm jealous. I would love to enjoy some days like that.

  4. Great photos. So nice of you to take us around. Your version of cabin fever is much like mine, except I'm too lazy to walk as much as you.

  5. Ahh. It looks like you are really suffering from cabin fever! Love all your pictures, but the manatees definitely tugged my heart. They are so on my bucket list to see one day. They just seem like such easy going critters.


  6. Gorgeous photos. Hope I can see the manatees some day.

  7. Oh my, wonderful photos, those flowers are just beautiful!

  8. Love the beautiful. No you don't get that cabin fever so just enjoy your blue sky days.

  9. Oh, I'm so green with envy! Lovely photos, just beautiful! I sure hope spring comes soon....
    Thanks for partying with us!