Saturday, February 1, 2014

New FO for January

Thank goodness it's time again for the New FO that Barbara of Cat Patches put together, it seems to the only thing that makes me grab the time to post. 

We've had some cold weather here, I'm not going to mention numbers since I don't want you throwing snowballs at me, but for here, it's been chilly. We've had a pretty constant stream of company that says differently, poor frozen northerners in search of the sun and more due later today. 

I've been sewing every chance I get, just to hold on to my sanity.

I made this one to play with lights and darks, I love the way they pop and recede, Debbie at Stitchin Therapy taught me a lot about color values, if you haven't read her blog, do yourself a favor and take a long look around, her watercolor quilts are stunning.

I made this one fast, I'm quilting between visits, and didn't realize the triangles on the right are facing the wrong direction until I took the pictures, oh well, I love the colors. 

Sharon at Vroomans Quilts came up with a genius idea, pick a book or magazine and make a quilt from it, I actually use my books, but I have way to many magazines hanging around because of one quilt I want to try. I think it's a good way to try new techniques, but too often I just don't understand what they're talking about and end up going off and doing my own thing. This time I'm going to follow directions, maybe :)

I chose this magazine 
and this quilt, I know it was the colors that drew me, but the zigzags were made from giant flying geese and that was interesting for me, I've made my share of zigzags but never this way.

I made it bigger for a baby quilt and was happy to use a bunch of that flower fabric that has been hanging around here too long. The flying geese were made using the four at a time method so I had leftovers which I used in the back. I do wish I had used a thin line of white or yellow between the zigzags, the colors look a little too dense to me, but it's bright and I'm happy with it. 

I'm between quilts right now, but I've been playing with EQ. SewCalGal has a Red and White Quilt Challenge starting soon and I've never made one, I do like to use every crayon in my box, but those Red and Whites are pretty, so we'll see. 

I'm leaving you with lots to check out and do, while I go vacuum dog hair and get ready for the next snow people from the frozen north. 

Later Gators,


  1. Lots to comment on here! Love number one....thanks for the shout has your design style with the play of value. A really great job and you have learned to use that value well.
    What goof with the triangles....weren't they suppose to do their own thing ;)
    Zig Zag is so you....I love the pop of the colors.
    You get so much done between visitors, congrats on a great month!

  2. You always amaze me with your wonderful use of color. You really have a knack for it. So glad you linked up, and I'm glad it gets you to your blog. I've been missing you.

  3. Great color - and Deb does it right, so you followed a great example. Love everything and your Book It piece is a show popper!!

  4. Lovely color in all three pieces. I especially love the first quilt. Happy quilting.

  5. Enjoy those warm temps. Those of us that are stuck in the North (and are from the South) are sick and tired of this winter. Lots of cute projects. If you want a break from frozen relatives, you can come visit me, but, bring your long johns. You WILL need them.

  6. I am a little north of you, so I'll try to deflect any snow balls headed your way! Us Florida girls gotta stick together! Lol I love the way you put your colors together. Very pretty. Enjoy your company, but make sure you have some time for yourself too! I wanted to join the book challenge too, but I am determined to get some UFOs outta here this year!

  7. Oh my...I love all of your quilts and the colors are fabulous. I never would have noticed the triangles going in the wrong direction (so shhhhhh)