Friday, February 28, 2014

Book It for February

I'm really enjoying Sharon's challenge over at Vroomans Quilts, "Book It" is all about picking a book, magazine or pattern that's been hanging around gathering dust (at least that's my interpretation). I've been able to get rid of two magazines out of the stack, blow off the dust, make the quilt, donate the magazine. 

I've made a very similar quilt before, but in bright pretty colors. I've been trying to make some "boy" quilts lately.

Both of my Book It quilts have also used fabric that I've had way too long, so it's working for me, cleaning out and moving on.

Of course, I've misplaced the pictures I took of the magazine and I've already donated it, yes my middle name is Organized, LOL

This is a wonderfully easy challenge, I think we all have books, magazines and patterns that we want to make "someday". Thanks to Sharon for coming up with such a great idea, it's finally "someday"

Later gators,


  1. Oh, I love this one!! Great color and movement to it. And good for you in your organization and utilizing what is on hand. It really turned into a gorgeous quilt.

  2. I have Sharon's Book it on my list of things to catch up on. Thanks for the reminder. Beautiful kwilt!

  3. I love that quilt. I can't believe it is just HST for the blocks. I will definitely have to try some HST.
    valspierssews - visiting from Let's Book It

  4. What a beautiful quilt. I love the colors.

  5. Your Someday quilt is great! Never would have expected the lime green with the blue tone, yet it works! Keep making space.....

  6. It looks great! Nice bright guy quilts are rare.

  7. What a fabulous achievement and your quilt turned out so well too.