Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stalking Time

Sometimes I swear if Barbara didn't tell me it's the end of the month I would never know. Her post for the new FO came at the same time I got these in the mail

Cute huh? except I know it's not from Brady, he wouldn't say "Hey Dana", he'd say "Hey Mom". You can't fool me. 

It's August and that means 
pets on quilts

Pets on Quilts starts Aug 11, which means if you have animals like the terrible twins you need to start stalking them. I'm actually a little late. Here's a quick look at what happens when Maya hears my little camera turn on
I blocked her as she tried to run outside and she threw her head back to howl at me, I'm so glad I don't really speak dog.
Then I got this look and I know exactly what she's saying, although if a female dog calls you a female dog is that really an insult? Something to think about.

Anyway, the best quilt show is coming so start your stalking.

Later gators,


  1. HAHA - my Bella knows the minute I pick up the camera - she's gone like a shot!! Moe never wakes up. And I get those cute memos from my vet too - addressed to the cat!!

  2. Wow, isn't that the truth? Gracie always turns away, while Smitty runs right to the camera. Noses and butts are what we get around here.