Monday, July 15, 2013

A Labor of Love

A while back David asked me to make a quilt for his mom's birthday, anything I thought she'd like was fine with him, except everything I showed him he didn't like, he adores his mom, I do too, so he wanted something really special. I know she likes my bright quilts with classic blocks and he kept bringing up how much she loves hummingbirds, so I finally sat down and started drawing. I started with curving stems, added leaves and flowers, then came the birds.

Then I added my favorite log cabin blocks and TA DA, the perfect quilt for a perfect MIL.

It turned out bigger than he asked for, but I wanted a snuggle quilt, something she could really wrap up in. 

I'm always surprised at how much I like doing applique and how much you can do with it. I really need to do more. I also liked working on a larger quilt instead of the usual baby quilts that I slam out. It took a lot more time, and boy did my body hurt at the end of the day, but it's well worth it. 
I quilted vines and leaves in the center white and a kind of flowing feather in the log cabin whites (my real feathers still aren't happening, I can hear you Debbie). 
David's thrilled, I love the quilt and we'll know next month if mom's happy :)

Later gators,


  1. Absolutely brilliant!!!!
    If you can hear me that far away, you know I am giggling and grinning that you have developed your "own version" of those feathery things. I am enlarging the photos to examine them more because I think you did a wonderful job with this design. So are you setting up a pdf version to share for the applique? Do love the detail work you added to it all. I know his Mom will love sure and have a box of tissues there when you give it to her :) for those joyful tears!

  2. Just gorgeous, Dana. You are so talented!

  3. Oh my gosh, this is fabulous...can I be his mom???

  4. Dana! again, you never cease to amaze me with your quilts!!! you are seriously the best quilt maker I know! you are amazing! this is going to be the best gift ever for your mother in law...she is going to explode with joy when she sees it!

  5. Oh this is such a beautiful quilt. What an amazing design, brilliant use of fabrics and colors. Absolutely love it and I'm sure your MIL will too. Great job!