Saturday, August 31, 2013

New FO for August


Happy Labor Day weekend everyone! 
Over at Cat Patches it's time for the monthly round-up of what we started in August. Sometimes I'm surprised at how much I have done, but not this month, I think I've been a little lazy, blame it on summer.

First a little update, my MIL loved her quilt, I had to steal this pic from Facebook.

David made of video of my MIL and SIL draping the quilt over the couch, deciding that the couch was old and shabby, so they went and bought a new couch. The video is a mess with different angles or I'd post it, the whole thing is hilarious and I'm taking no responsibility for the new couch.

The only quilt I made this month was this

This started as something completely different, but I like the direction it took. Making those unstructured log cabins is so much fun and uses up a bunch of scraps. I used my EQ to check color placement and just scribbled stars in, the wonky little guys that resulted is when the whole quilt took a serious turn to whimsical.

One of my closest friends came for a visit and saw me using a beanie baby for a pin cushion (yes, I feel bad everytime I stick a pin in him), we laughed about how I need a voodoo doll for my pins.

Right after she left, this came in the mail with all kinds of info about how voodoo dolls can be made out of love to bring good things to the person they are made for :)
She made him entirely by hand with seeds and moss from her yard, she even pulled thread out of the burlap to sew him together. Her husband came up with idea on how to make him bend. Each color pin has meaning, so of course I'm not going to use him for a pin cushion since I don't want to mess up the good vibes he brings. I'll still be using the poor lizard. 

As a thank you I made her this

I actually had this in mind before the voodoo doll. I wanted to make one for me, but I knew as soon as she saw it she'd ask where her's was, when she lived up the street she would just "borrow" things like that, now I make her one, LOL.

That's it for August, I really have been lazy. I hope you'll join in the fun or just check out what everyone else has been up to. Barbara's New FO's is always so inspiring, no pressure and you meet the nicest people. 

Later gators,


  1. Cute, cute, cute. Is the "Sister" from a pattern? Seems like I've seen that before. Too cute. And I love the voodoo doll. Your quilt is adorable. You have a great talent for putting color together. Glad your MIL got a new couch out of the deal.

  2. The Beanie Baby pincushion idea has just hit with the force of a volcano-tornado !~! I have those little buggers all over the place-an otter, an armadillo, a toucan... we could have some serious fun poking the teeny toys.

  3. Love both quilts.Your color choices are wonderful! ~Jeanne

  4. You are a hoot! Every time you stab that poor little lizard beanie baby, I bet it cries! The good vibe voodoo doll is terrific very distinctive!
    so glad to see your MIL liked her quilt. Great finish this month!

  5. I LOVE your projects! The bright colors of your wonky cabins & stars is what caught my attention in the linky party buttons. I used to have beanie babies around, but gave them to my great-nieces & nephews years ago. Shucks! Great idea! And your little good vibes voodoo doll is perfect! Great month!!! Dropping in through Barbara's NewFO linky party.

  6. Love the photo of Mom and quilt - no, I wouldn't take responsibility for creating a room make over either. Now I think a Beanie Baby is a perfectly cute pincushion idea.

  7. I love the quilts and I love the idea of buying a new couch because the new quilt made the old one look shabby. Never though of using beanie babies as pin cushions, a great idea but not sure older daughter would approve. (I think most of them are hers!)

  8. hehe! The story about the sofa really made me laugh. :)

  9. Needing a new couch for the new quilt? That's a new one!

    Love your voodoo doll, what a fun idea.

    Your whimsical stars is beautiful and fun. You've had a good month of starts.

  10. I got a kick out of you MIL buying a new couch! I was sure she would like it because it is beautiful! That was so sweet of your friend to make you the voodoo doll out of love! The quilt that you made her in return is just adorable! Thanks for sharing!

  11. What cute projects. Gee, I'd not thought of using Beenie Babies as pin cushions. My son has several boxes of them stored in his(my new sewing space) closet. Maybe I should dig some out.

  12. That MIL quilt is seriously gorgeous as is your August quilt. The pin lizard is a great idea - I have a bunch of those beanies hangin around here doing nothing.

  13. Too funny about the couch! That quilt is beautiful! I hope she uses it. I made my sister in law a huge quilt and she said she would never use it. So I pulled it out of her hands and said "If you are not going to use it, there is no point in me giving it to you!" She uses it all the time! LOL!
    Love the Whimsical log cabin quilt. So pretty and fun

  14. What a pretty quilt for your MIL! That is funny about the new couch! I really like the log cabin quilt. The colors are wonderful! Oh no! Poor beanie baby! Lol I like the voodoo doll! Ha ha ha! The "sister" quilt is great!

  15. Love love love your pastel star quilt! And I think your MIL going out and buying a new sofa to display her quilt is the highest compliment!