Saturday, April 25, 2015

Summer Flowers

Sometimes, just before I fall asleep I'll see a quilt in my head, if I can remember it in the morning it's usually some impossible curving thing that is probably my brain saying I should be painting. 

I remembered this one and I even know where it came from. I've been asked to make a Dresden throw with heavy quilting.

I've never been interested in Dresden's, but I started researching and found a lot I do like. I've always seen them in 30's fabric which is pretty, but has never appealed to me. It's pretty obvious to me that this quilt was my rebellion against working in lighter fabrics, LOL. 

The borders don't wrinkle like in the picture, if I want to lay a quilt on the deck I need to be quick before the terrible twins see it, nothing like all of that white with puppy prints added. David says lock them in, I'd rather be laughing and getting doggy kisses.

The heavy quilting is what was really bothering me, how do you quilt a dresden? For my rebellion quilt (that's what I call this one), I pebbled the purple centers, then shadow (is that what you call it?) the rest of the flower. For the white sections I drew more flowers and repeated the outline/shadow quilting. This thing is really quilted!

Now that I've got that out of my system my future holds a more traditional Dresden. Neutrals, not brights, rounded plates, not pointed ones (my research was for the pointed ones) and heavy quilting. Any hints or tips would be much appreciated. Do they need to be hand sewn when you do the rounded plates? How would you quilt it, with and without sashing (she hasn't decided yet). Would you use the freezer paper method to make the plates? I bought the EZ Dresden ruler, but I don't think that will help me with these plates, will it? As you can see HELP, just help, LOL.

Meanwhile I'll probably make a Dresden or two in the style I liked.

Later Gators,


  1. Pretty quilt. I plan on making a traditional Dresden quilt one day. I saw you featured on a blog this week. Cool!

  2. This is just so cool! When my Mom teaches round dresdans, she has them baste stitch those rounds. Then they just tighten the baste to make those rounds turn under and then hand stitch them down - the baste line is then a stitch guide. Make sense? I prefer the pointed and usually hand stitch them down - but then I only use one or so on a bag or small project - not a big project.

  3. A, this is more your style!!! I have done one--eons ago---as per Sharon's Mom's technique. Since I can't hand stitch for long, it would be machine appliqued if I did one. Ugh for the sashing.....I like to see the plates just float on a nice background!
    Your quilting is great and dense on this enhances your graphic. Yay for the morning feature via Darlene!

  4. IF I was to make a dresden, which is about as likely as my cutting 12,000 hexi's and hand stitching them back together, I'd most likely float multiple sizes of them somewhat sparsely on a tone-on-tone background (think pale blue sky) and then do some horizontal wavy line quilting across the background fabric. But that's just me, or maybe not if you really read the first line! Have fun!

  5. Love this quilt. It would make a very nice baby gift.

  6. Hahaha - leave it to you Dana to dream up a happy and bright dresden like this! I'm no help to you as far as advice, having never attempted a dresden. I do love some I see. Someday I would like to do one like Edyta Sitar does, where she adds that little triangle between the blades:
    The quilting you did on your rebellion dresden is absolutely wonderful!

    1. PS. - I would prefer the laughs and doggy kisses too.

  7. I love what you've done with this one. Never made a Dresden, so I'm no help at all.

  8. Once again, I love love love it! So when are you coming up to Pinellas County to go Quilt shop hopping with me? We have a whopping 3 (possibly, technically 4) within half an hour - 45 minutes from my house in northern St. Pete. Ha ha.... Me, enabler? Never... I too just recently bought one of those EZ Dresden ruler thingys. I'm not much for the 30's prints, or anything floral printed, really. I just love your style and you have now given me more inspiration to try something new and bright! I have several *cough, cough* UFOs I have to get finished first, but then I think I will be brave and try my hand at a NEO-Dresden. Like that, I just made it up. See, you've inspired a new word!

  9. DANA!!!!!!!!!!! this is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! you seriously need to quilt peoples quilts! your quilting is amazing!!!

  10. DANA!!!!!!!!!!! this is AMAZING!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! you seriously need to quilt peoples quilts! your quilting is amazing!!!