Friday, April 3, 2015

"Let's Book It" for March

I was afraid I was going to miss the link up for Let's Book It for March, I had the pictures ready to go, but finding the time to sit and write wasn't happening. My walking partner broke her ankle, yes while we were walking, and I quickly filled that hour of time with other things, now she's back and I'm having trouble squeezing that extra hour out of the day. I'm supposed to be mopping floors and cleaning, people are coming on Sunday, but I work better under pressure :)

For my Let's Book It I used this:

It's from Winter 2013/14

I had been working on a HST quilt, beautiful but by the end I wanted something quick and easy, so I picked this:

I had a fat quarter of bright batiks I wanted to use and thought this would be perfect with all of the white. 

It was easy and quick to make and I like how it turned out,  BUT the pattern called for 10 inch blocks to start out, then trim to 8 1/2, mine came to 8 1/4, so I ended up with really big trimmings

I won't repeat what I had to say about wasting fabric, use your imagination, but when life gives you scraps you make lemonade or whatever that saying is, so I made more, randomly put them together in a log cabin and make this

I think I like it better than the other quilt. 

I hope you're linking up with Let's Book It, it's a nice no pressure way of using what you already have, I like that, no waste :)

Off to mop, that's probably not true, it's a beautiful day here so I think the terrible twins and I need to enjoy it :)

Later Gators,


  1. The original quilt is wonderful, but the waste would have me screaming, too. I LOVE what you did with the cut-offs - made for a spectacular 2nd quilt.

  2. lol....yes, the second quilt is really the zinger here! Only you could take the waste and turn it into a beauty. I don't know how you did it but it really worked. Are you going to write a pattern up for it? Forget the cleaning....I just hired a service to take it off my hands. Instead I am making doggie treats today.

  3. The first quilt is great, but, I like the 2nd one better. Great job!

  4. I love the cheerful and refreshing feeling for both quilts, but I think your 2nd quilt is more beautiful. Total #CreativeGoodness, but I think you should create and publish your version! Either way, great example for waste not/want not.


  5. Love the look of your first quilt Dana! My goodness that is a lot of fabric to trim off but you sure rose to the occasion beautifully. I too like the second quilt even better! One that I would not have guess had a log cabin construction. Great work kiddo!
    My theory is that it is always better to mop AFTER the company goes home.

  6. woman! you never cease to amaze me!!! I love both of those quilts!
    hope your floors eventually were mopped! hehe! ;0
    I just looked back and its ME who owes you an email. Sorry!!!! I was thinking of you at 3am this morning when I couldn't sleep!

  7. Both quilts are beautiful.... But I think your scraps quilt rocks! That's some SWEET lemonade, Dana!

  8. Hey, kudos!! fantastic use of scraps (That's a strange extra-overage on the pattern, eh? I wonder why so much.) I really like both of the quilts - the bright batiks really make them.

  9. Both quilts are fantastic. I think I like the scraps quilt just a bit more, too. I just can't say it enough, I just love your taste in colors. I would love to go fabric shopping with you! If I ever get down that way, I'm going to! I know, what are you a few hours south of St. Pete? Don't mind me, I'll just invite myself.... Ha ha.