Monday, September 30, 2013

New FO for September


I don't know what's happened to time but somehow a month has turned into about two weeks and Sept. only lasted one week, I wish someone would look into this, does anyone know Stephen Hawking personally? Really, thank goodness Barbara has these FO link ups or I'd probably think it's still March.

At least in that week that was Sept. I did get a few quilts made

I love the way the back looks on this one, I dyed the fabric so there were slight color changes, but kept it plain so the stitching would show. 

After spending so much time on that one I grabbed some fat quarters I've had for awhile and made this
The fabric is Tree Huggers and it's just adorable. 

I was asked to make a camo baby quilt and now know more than I want to about camo. The woman wanted more of a hunter camo which has a lot more color. I ran to JoAnn's hoping to pick something up there but no luck. So ordered what I needed online. I'm happy about that now, take that JoAnn :)

While waiting for the fabric to arrive I made this:
I love elephants!
And this
Not real thrilled with this, but I had the rick rack.

And I still had a day to wait for the fabric, so I made this:

Now, I'm cutting and sewing hundreds of these
I'm thinking of it as a fall quilt even though this is the camo. Not my usual colors, but I think it will be nice when I'm done and I've never made a fall quilt. 

I hope you'll join in the fun over at Cat Patches, this is an easy, no pressure link up, all you need is to start something, no finishes required. If you haven't seen the pictures from Barbara's trip, do yourself a favor and look through the last blog posts she's done, the trip was an adventure and her pictures are awesome. 

I want to thank everyone for their input on JoAnns, I feel like I'm the last to know. It still seems like a funny way to run a company and I still think a "we're sorry, can you pick up a roll of the batting that we'll send to the store" would have been a better answer than we do what we want, but hey...if I ran the world :)

Later gators,


  1. Well, you sure were on a roll for someone who thought there was only one week in September! A camo baby quilt - that is not something I've had to face - yet. Maybe October will slow down??

  2. Well, you've gotten more done in a 'week' than I've done all year, seems like! Great projects and I especially love the quilting on that first back. Super job!

  3. Wow!!! You go!! The hunter fabric will be very interesting. Can't wait ot see that. :)

  4. What a busy lady! All your projects are great but I really love the rick rack and banners! Can't wait to see the camo quilt. I think it will be great.

  5. You were on a roll here! You almost wore out the machine with the quilting on the first is lovely. And I love the simple effect of the banners and rick rack....very neat idea that turned out cute.

  6. Wow! You've been VERY productive! Lovely projects.

  7. You've been very busy! Congrats and I'm looking forward to seeing the camo quilt when it is complete.

  8. Great projects, I agree with you that it's good that Barbara does this for us so we don't lose track of the months. ;)

  9. My goodness, you have accomplished a lot this month. I love your quilting on the top project. You have a knack for putting fabrics together. Beautiful projects.