Saturday, September 28, 2013

Question for You About Joanns

Blog posts need pictures so I'm throwing in random baby pictures of the terrible twins, they have nothing to do with what I'm saying, but they are cute :)

A while ago, probably the end of last year, I stumbled upon a roll of batting at Joann's, it was Pellon Nature's Touch and since someone had put a bug in my ear about buying batting by the roll, I bought it and fell in love. I really can't say enough about this batting, it's soft and drapes beautifully, even when I overly quilt something and my free motion quilting really stands out, it's just wonderful stuff. 

When it ran out I couldn't find it by the roll anywhere so I bought a roll of Warm and Natural, but I want the Pellon back, so how wonderful to see that Joann's had it for a Daily Deal, Saturday only. I even contacted their customer service to make sure it would really be in the store, they said yes and I changed my plans for Saturday.

The store opened at 9, I was there at 9:04 and of course you know where I'm going with this, they didn't have it :(

When I got home I emailed them and it started out O.K., but by the third email I think I may have said "bait and switch" which led to them talking about their fine print, which basically says "we can put anything we want on sale, but we don't actually have to have it". 

So here's a question for you, is this the way Joann's has always been? I don't normally run all the way up there for a specific sale, it's about an hour each way. I do know I've been up there and planned on buying something on sale like blades for my cutter and they don't have them, but I just figured they had sold out. This was a one day only sale and they just didn't even bother putting it in the store. Normal for them? I think I'll still cut the coupons, but not pay attention to the sales from not on. They are all I have for supplies other than WalMart, so I can't write them off entirely. I'd like to hear if you've had this experience. 

Meanwhile, I highly recommend trying the Pellon Nature's Touch, I don't recommend Joann's and really stay clear of their customer service. 

The morning wasn't entirely wasted, I stopped and bought the Terrible Twins favorite treats, which I can only get in Miami. 

Later gators,


  1. We have 4 Joann's in a 45 minute radius and they all do the same thing - also, 3 of them are so horribly 'filthy' that I no longer shop them. And the coupons - only on non-sale items, but usually everything is 'on sale' so you can't use the coupons anyway. I DO NOT shop Joanns! I'll support my two local quilt shops instead.

  2. I only use JoAnns for items like Schmetz needles and only when the notions aisle is all 50% off. Otherwise they are pretty much worthless for good fabric or batting. Have you checked out some online sources that have free shipping? I love free shipping and even if I have to pay, with the price of gas home delivery is much more to my liking.

  3. I really, really, really don't like the bait-n-switch technique. I also don't like when a "lazy" employee, of any business, says "yes we have that product in stock", when they don't. Part of Customer Service is acknowledging what they have in stock vs don't. And, everyone, including employees and Corporate mgmt needs to understand fuel prices are excessive and to keep us as happy and loyal customers we periodically need to verify before we make the drive.

    To me, JoAnns needs to give you a gift certificate to compensate you for fuel and time. Sorry, but I'm serious about this.

    I do appreciate the insight on Pellon Nature's Touch. I've not used it, but have used Warm & Natural (which I like, as well as many other brands). I'll definitely give Pellon's Nature Touch a try based on your recommendation.

    And, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing baby thru pre-teen photos of the terrible twins. :)


  4. I seldom use JoAnn's, but I know they take orders at customer service. The drawback is you have to order in the store and pick it up in the store. I love the photos of the twins.

  5. Like you my drive to the JoAnn's store that I shop at is an hour away for me...that said, they are actually pretty good about having what is on sale...sometimes they do not have it and they tell you...I do think you should be given a gift card due to your driving there on an employee's word that the batting was indeed in stock...of course the store I go to is in a high end area and that could be the reason it is so well maintained...I usually only use them for rotary cutters, thread, batting and bleached muslin...I used to buy my fabric at a local quilt shop, but sadly they closed over a year all fabric is ordered online from great shops I trust...

  6. I really dislike Joann for the reasons already noted by others. The coupons only on nonsale items really bugs me since I can rarely use them. I stopped bothering even clipping them. I only shop there for floss and notions now, but I'm fortunate to have many quilt shops to choose from. Love your pictures.

  7. I rarely buy batting locally. I order by the case or roll from Batt Mart on line. Here's one they have from Pellon.

    I usually use Quilter's Dream---all cotton and light.
    Joann's....yeah, they do that a lot. I have better luck ordering on line from them than in the stores.