Friday, May 31, 2013

New FO For May

It's time for the New FO party over at Cat Patches. In her role as "head enabler" Barbara says to just start something, no need to finish, pile them all over the house, just start something :)

I've already shown these two, but since I made them this month I'm showing them again, I like them

These are what I ended up when I started a completely different quilt, still no sign of the original quilt and there probably won't be, I obviously didn't want to make that quilt. 

I used the last of my Honey Honey by Kate Spain, I love everything she does and this just made me happy.
So much beautiful color and it was fun to just make the designs and see what I ended up with. 

Since that was so much fun I cut more HST's, if you've read my other post about those first two quilts, you know that I've been completely out of my mind  slightly distracted. I figured out how many HSTs I needed, then without thinking I cut them so I'd have four of each, I have a huge pile, 4 times more than I needed and ended up not liking the layout I'd planned.
There's a bizillion of them, that's just a small pile the rest are on my design wall, otherwise known as my bed. 

Here's the guy who pulled me out of my slump. I saw an ink and watercolor picture and of course thought of a quilt.
I sewed the strips together concentrating on the curves for his trunk, pretty much just making a piece of fabric that curved. Then I drew the head and tusks, cut him out and appliqued him down. I finished him just in time to put him into the Festival of Strings.
I'm already thinking about making more animals, he was fun and once I figured him out, it was easy. 

I'm going to cheat here, this is what I was working on when all heck broke out around here, it started as a simple star baby quilt, looked too small and simple so I added to it. 
Now it's big and I've thought about adding a little to the top and bottom to make it a twin size, maybe some log cabin hearts, your thoughts?
It ended up in the UFO pile because I thought it needed to be quilted with feathers, so I would just learn how and do it, remember I had lost my mind at this point :) Any ideas on quilting this, other than feathers? I'm practicing, but now I think they might be lost in the busyness of a log cabin.

Please hop on over to Cat Patches and help the enabler enable others.

Later gators,


  1. Love to re-visit projects shown - so many pretties! BUT I just adore the elephant!!

  2. This is my favorite linky party, thanks to our enabler :-) I LOVE your elephant quilt! What a great idea and it came out perfect.

  3. Your finishes are great....the elephant is a winner in my book! He is so great. Are flamingos next?
    The log cabin is beautiful....I really love your colors and special layout. Feathers in all the white area would be so the time it is quilted you would be a pro! Just can do this.

  4. Great quilts! Love your use of color! That elephant is awesome! ~Jeanne

  5. I live these quilts! I'm glad you posted them again. You have a great eye for color and pattern.

  6. Dana, what a FUN set of quilts and projects here! May was an awesome month at your house. :D

    Log cabin hearts would be nice, and cabin houses would be nice, too. I love feather quilting with log cabins - I've seen some super beautiful work that way.

  7. Wow! Beautiful projects! Love your elephant! You had a very bright May.

  8. I just loved the little guy who pulled you out of your slump! I think he would do that for just about anyone! You did a wonderful job on him.

  9. Great projects all, but you already know my favorite!

  10. That elephant trunk quilt is TOO cute! Aren't you clever to make that up after seeing a drawing. You're my hero!

  11. look at all the beautiful colors on these quilts!!!
    that owl is too cute, Dana!