Saturday, May 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Annie!

Happy Birthday Annie!

We are Maya Grace and Brady Bug and we've been invited to a birthday party for Annie over at Sew Many Ways.

Mom calls us "The Terrible Twins" but we're not really twins and we're pretty sure that terrible means "the best". 

Our human sister gave us our middle names.
I'm Brady Bug but most of my friends just call me Bug, mom says it has something to do with my personality. 

This is my sister and best friend Maya
She's kind of a princess and scared of everything, but I take really good care of her.
She can be pretty goofy too though.

Mom has written about us on her blog, she told our sad stories but now she says that's all in the past and we're just going to be happy.

We help mom with everything but we're best known for something called photo bombing.
 This one is my favorite
Can you see me right here at the bottom?

Anyway, let's get back to the beautiful Annie who is having her special day. I picked one of my favorite toys to give her, it's a leg, all that's left of a great toy, but I treasure it.
Mom said no, she had a better idea.

She heard about a little dog named Trooper
Trooper has 3 major fractures and he needs surgery really bad, so mom sent some money to Trooper in Annie's name. The card just says "For Trooper, from Annie". 
I think it would be better to have something you can chew or eat, but Mom says this is the best present. I hope Annie likes it.

Happy Birthday Annie from Maya and Brady.


  1. Dear Maya and Brady, You have the best mom ever! Love, Olie and Shyloe

  2. It has been so long, I am so happy to see photos of Maya and Brady--my favorite quilt-photo-bombing dog pair! Such happy faces! Scratches behind the ears and treats to them :)

  3. This is great!

    ...and oh my goodness, Maya's different color eyes! Amazing... love it! :)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog.
    I love your quilts.
    I love that your fur babies are a real part of your family and I especially love that you support animal rescue, as I do. All my babies have been from The Pet Refuge in Mishawaka Indiana. I say they love me because I rescued them from Doggie Jail. I like your idea of Doggie TV. I never thought of it that way, but that's probably a good analogy.

    I might be your newest follower. Nice to meet you.

  5. The twins are adorable! I love that Bug takes care of Maya.

    I know it is not the correct way , but I bought Bailey at a small, privately owned pet store. I went in to buy hamster food and came out with a puppy! There was just something about the way she looked at me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Your quilts are amazing.

  6. Dana, I just loved reading your post about the twins and Trouper. You are one special lady. TFS!