Thursday, May 23, 2013

My Life

Reading blogs this morning I came across this:

This Saturday, Karen at Sew Many Ways is having a birthday party for her Annie and everyone is invited to link up with pictures of their furbabies. Since I usually don't pass up a chance to show off the Terrible Twins, I think I'll be there. My blog is so dusty I thought I'd drop in and clean up.

Thanks to my friends who checked up on me, life has been... weird.
Here's a fast recap:
My friend's son died
My cat died
My daughter's cat was mauled by a dog (she's fine now)
My mother fell and broke her nose (she's fine too)
My aunt fell and is now in physical rehab (that's good)
It's been a tough couple of months. 

Needless to say, I've been distracted and couldn't settle on what to make next, I'd pull the fabric then wander off and decide to do something else. Then I saw a baby quilt in a magazine, basic block with smaller blocks for sashing and thought, I can do that fast and easy, use up some stash and break through this wall.

Debbie had written me an email that said "sew strips together", so perfect, I'll sew strips together and use that for the sashing. Then I decided to put 1/4" of white between the colors, that all looked so good I decided to make something in applique and use the strips as the fabric. So I drew an owl, made him in applique and he didn't match the strips :(

 So I put him in the middle of a log cabin. 

I still had the strips fabric I had made and went back to my original plan, except instead I cut it all up into HST's and made this:

No sign of the quilt I started out to make, but I did get two quilts.

In my craziness distracted thinking I bought EQ7 from one of the more well known quilt shops owned by a huge name in quilting, for some reason I thought this was a good time to learn how to use it, LOL. I bought it on the third, called last week to find out where it was, the women said I can't tell but it "should" be delivered soon, I called back today (20 days after ordering) and was told it will go out today, there was a problem with the California store faxing orders to the Paduka store. What!!!! May I suggest a new contraption called a computer. They made me cry....again.

The good news is Cori is coming home for the weekend. David is going out of town and although they both deny it, I think he called her and asked her to come watch me, he thinks I'll fill the house with strays. I told her to bring her bike, how else will we find those strays? 

Later gators,


  1. Wow, you have hit a rough patch. I thought life was bad with my little computer issues. I'm truly sorry for all the sadness you've been going thru.

    Beautiful quilts. Glad to hear Cori is coming for a visit.


  2. Good to see you. I was just thinking about you today and wondered how you are doing. You made two gorgeous quilts in you absence. Hope things start looking up now.

  3. I love the owl....he's a hooty one! The non-string scrappy one turned out great. You have been more productive than me. A big hug will do you good. Enjoy your weekend.
    We got in last night to was so cold and windy and 39 degrees this morning. But enjoying being here.