Saturday, March 2, 2013

New FO's for Feb.

It's time again for Cat Patches monthly FO linky party or as I think of it, a time to jump in show you what I've been doing then head back to my machine. 

First up and let me just say I don't know when I started or finished this one, but I haven't shown it before so here it is, LOL.

I love this one and want to make another with just blues and whites, I think it will look like snowflakes. 

In my pursuit of using all my fabric so I don't have to clean it up, I made this

I've had that border fabric forever and it's never quite worked with anything, so now it's beautifully gone. 

Then because I saw a crocheted afghan in these colors I had to make this just to get it out of my head

Oh yeah, I changed the colors so the afghan is still running around in my head. I used free motion in the centers of the stars and the open aqua triangles. 

This next one was a request and I now remember why I don't like angles, but it turned out wonderful. The fabric is Spring House and it was really nice to work with, so pretty.

I think I'd like to make something similar, but using a braid pattern, it would be so much easier.

That pretty fabric sent me running for my comfort zone of bright and happy fabrics. I had the dino panels and just pulled the colors from them. This one is literally in my machine right now so I'm just showing a couple of the panels

This one will be a twin quilt when it's finished, I really just need to bind it now. 

So that's it for sewing, in other news life continues at it's craziest, David has shingles and I had to hog tie him to get him to the doctor, which he did thank me for later, it's horrible, ugly and painful.

While scrubbing the top and back of my stove after a weird accident with Bar-B-Q sauce, I broke the oven, the burners worked just not the oven. After frying up garlic bread (it should have worked like grilled cheese, but didn't) David found the time and I now have a brand new double oven. Yeah, twice the accidents and fires. Lots more going on, but I'll leave you with those visuals. 

Please check out the other FO's at Cat Patches, without the support of enablers like Barbara, lots of quilts may never get a start in life.

Later gators,


  1. Shingles, accidents and fires???? What a month or so you have had! Sorry for the bad uglies that he has to endure, glad for the new ovens, bad the road to get them.
    Your quilts are wonderful--as always. And what beautiful stitching you have done on them. You have been on a roll here. The dinos are too cute.

  2. Wow! Impressive! Thanks for linking up.

  3. Dana, you never cease to amaze with your productivity, even in the wake of disaster upon disaster. So sorry you had a dismal month, the upside is you have new ovens! And that dino quilt is going to be a real winner!

  4. Wow! What a time you've had. And what a wonderful line of quilts. The pink is so pretty. . . How did you mark the quilting designs?

  5. Wow! Wow! Wow!!!!!! I love them all. I love the way you have quilted them. I am still improving those skills. Hope your husband is better soon. Shingles is not nice.

  6. Gosh, what beautiful quilts. I'm amazed at all the beauty you create, especially with everything going on. But they certainly help to generate great quilty hugs and help to bring in the sunshine......sending positive thoughts and wishes your way!


  7. Your quilts are ALWAYS beautiful! always!
    I need help learning the carpenters wheel, think of HUGE block size and help me! ha!
    Love reading your posts!