Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy International Quilting Day

I hope everyone's finding time to quilt today to celebrate our special day. SewCalGal is having a celebration with a linky party over at her blog, there's a lot going on over there. 

I have my own personal challenge going on right now, use up or get rid of some fabric, I have a lot. You know the fabric that's just too pretty to resist, then it sits there mocking you? This is my latest, use it or lose it.

These beautiful butterflies have taunted me long enough, I fussy cut them, which wastes so much fabric but really who cares, more scraps for the scrap bin, they'll look good in a string quilt.

I finished the borders this morning and it's laid out for sandwiching. The open yellow spaces are going to be free styled butterflies and bonus! the backing is another butterfly fabric that has sat and gathered dust. 

Here's hoping you're finding time to celebrate, poor Maya is just partied out, look at those dark circles.
"No mom, please not one more stitch" LOL

I'll leave you with a conversation at our house last night:

Me: Tomorrows International Quilting Day
Him: So it's a holiday for your're species? 
Me: Yes
Him: Should I buy a present?
Me: Fat Quarters are customary, big piles of them.

So to all of my kind and my species, Party On! and Happy Holiday!

Later gators,


  1. It's a dog's world! Love your butterflies, have a great day!

  2. Happy International Quilting day to you too! Dang....why didn't I think to ask my hubby for some presents for today? :) Any excuse for some new fabric!
    Your quilt is cute and I love your dog!

  3. I would feel silly for not trying the present angle, but truth be told I went out for bobbins yesterday and came back with 2 yards of fabric, so..... I guess I'm good. ; )

    Poor dog trying to stay awake--it's nice how they keep an eye on us.

  4. Love the use it or lose it fabrics....look great. lol on your husband's humor. Hope he knows what species we really are. And charge him double FQs for it all.

  5. Love your conversation, and I love that quilt.

  6. Oh Dana, I had so much fun with you at our virtual quilting party to celebrate International Quilting Day. Maya too! You both brought us inspiration and much needed humor.

    I had never thought about gifts for our holiday, but yes fat quarters would work. I'll have to work on promoting that for next year. Do you think we can get the "other kind of quilters/quilting friends and non-quilters" to give their quilting friends fat quarters as presents?


  7. I didn't even tell my hubby that it was Itn'l Quilting day until AFTER we were on the road to a quilt show. I got YARDS of fabric, and sweet hubby even stood in line to get it cut, while I continued to shop. Love those bright colors on your quilt.

  8. dang! why didn't you warn me ahead of time to ask for a gift?!! or gifts... ;)