Sunday, March 17, 2013


So google's messing with everyone again and I see lots of posts about people claiming their blogs on bloglovin. So I claimed my blog, I don't not want to be one of the cool kids. 

I read my blogs right on the dashboard, does anyone know it that's going to change. Time will tell. 

Here's pictures because there just has to be pictures.

Mr. Brady Bug because Maya was on yesterday

And Miss Maya because she looked hungover yesterday

Later gators,


  1. Best I can tell the dashboard should be the least for now :) Feedly supposedly is better looking but has a learning curve to it...bloglovin' is the simpler one as I understand it. I'll be on the dashboard to read. Why confuse me!

  2. Yes, as long as dashboard viewing doesn't change that works well for me and I'll stick with it. Good looking pups you have there!

  3. I still have dashboard, and view my blogs that way. I never 'upgraded' my blogger. I hope it doesn't go away. I do NOT click to follow with Google reader, but, I don't know if that makes a difference or not. I hate change.

  4. I think it's only the reader going away. Otherwise, I think it will stay just as it is.

  5. Lots of chatter going on about bloglovin. I'm checking out, but not 100% sold. I'll be curious what you think as you have time to play with it. Have learned this is one that is worthwhile to read their fine print for terms & conditions.


  6. You dogs look so sweet! they are beautiful!