Friday, December 28, 2012

End of the Road

I'm not even sure what to say except WOW, we did it! It's been quite the learning experience in more than just FMQ. I definitely learned I'm not good with deadlines... or feathers :)

I almost walked away from the final challenge, but pulled it together and did a bonus to have the full twelve. I found it wasn't about winning a prize, it was about making a commitment to myself and finishing it. 
Some of them are horrid and some of them I'm proud of, but I learned something from every one of them and made some friends along the way, it's been a good journey. 

Of course I can't thank SewCalGal enough for this, she gave up a huge piece of her time to put this all together, she's a very special person and deserves a standing ovation if she could only see us all.

Thanks to all of the people who took the time to write and video the challenges, again special people who stepped up to help us all.

I'm a little sad and a little glad, but mostly proud,


  1. I think we all echo you sentiments, it is sad seeing this draw to a close but also exciting to see everyone's wrap-up post and all the progress we've made. You have some really lovely samples here and your feathers aren't bad at all, you're being too hard on yourself! I think my favorite might be the very last challenge you just did! I just love that effect. Happy New Year!

  2. Ooooooh, you did good, Girlfriend.

  3. You are amazing, Dana! your quilting is gorgeous and you are so inspiring me to try some of these!!!

  4. You have a right to be proud and you should be. You caught on that it isn't about the prize, but the commitment to yourself to learn and improve. Amazing what you can learn in a year of focusing on FMQ. Great job Dana.


  5. those are so inspiring!
    Beautiful work!

  6. Hey there - I follow Barbara's posts, too, and saw you ask her about blade sharpeners. I've tried the hand-held one you can get through JoAnns. . . don't bother! Recently I saw this post at Bonnie Hunter's blog -
    So I went ahead and ordered one at Amazon. Got it last week and have tried it out on a super SUPER dull Olfa blade. I'm happy with the purchase. The blade doesn't stay sharp particularly long, but it definitely becomes usable again when I whir it through the machine. I'm thinking that over time it will pay for itself and save me money on frequency of blade purchases.

  7. Good for you! Your feathers look so nice tucked in there.