Friday, December 28, 2012

FMQ Challenge Bonus

I have to admit that when I saw the final challenge posted at SewCalGal's for the Free-Motion Quilting Challenge the feathers sent me running all the way back to the August bonus challenge
If you read my "A Christmas Tale" you know that December is a crazy month for me and truthfully feathers and I haven't become friends yet. 

The August bonus was one I wanted to do, it's by Susan Brubaker Knapp and she talks about finding patterns and designs in the environment around us. I like that idea a lot. 

I used this photo
and here's my finish
I'm pretty happy with the results and now I'm seeing designs in everything :)
Thanks so much to Susan for opening my eyes and of course thanks to SewCalGal for all she does for us.
Later gators,


  1. Great job on this one Dana! And, you might find feathers are easier the way Patsy showed them in the video portion of her December challenge. She was quilting them upside down from the way we did them in the February challenge. Many of us found them quite easy and fun to do. Meantime, I love the black & white image you created with this bonus challenge!