Thursday, January 17, 2013

Peeking Out and Catching Up

If you read my post "A Christmas Tale" you know where I've been and what I've been up to. Normally I don't see the world again until Feb, so I'm ahead of the game. I should be working out, but my ipod is dead (thank you ipod) so here I am. I've had a few emails with questions, so here goes.

The animal shelter fundraiser was a bit of a disaster. Here's my table when I was just starting to set up.

Highlights: The 60" tables were really 48", a lot of the vendors were pretty upset with this since it cost more for the larger table, lots of grumpy people. I bought the cutest little chair for the display, it wouldn't fit, but I'm keeping it, Bonus!

That nice corner they gave me so I could display the quilts, they forgot to mention that one side was the opening to the pizza kitchen which needed to be left open so the servers could pick up pizzas, yep, I had pizzas coming out from behind my table all day. LOL

I sold two wall hangings and two candles. 

Not many people showed up, I think they only advertised on FaceBook, the bright side of that is there really wasn't room for many people, you needed to walk through in single file to see anything. 

Never again, next time I'll just donate to my favorite animal shelter.
I read about a call for quilts for Newtown Conn. and donated this

For a "natural" disaster I usually donate money, but this was an "unnatural" disaster and I felt the need to send a little comfort. 
Christmas was wonderful and peaceful, David gave me an iPad which I love, I've said I love books too much to ever read one that way, but I've finished three.
Now I'm looking for an app that will help design quilts. Anyone have any ideas? Basic drawing with the ability to turn the blocks. The quilt apps I've seen are fun, but already pre-loaded with blocks. 
Big news, the hockey lock out is over so my future SIL is back to work and David and I can stop sneaking them money so they don't starve to death. Since we didn't tell each other we were doing that there's a good chance they were making more off of us. :)
We went to our annual zoo visit, beautiful weather and a great time. This really caught my eye

I'll let you make your own captions.
The little sewing I was able to do was making a string block whenever I had a chance, nice mindless sewing, but I ended up with this.
Last but not least I read this morning that the Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative (AAQI) will reach 1 Million dollars this year and it's ending at the end of the year. I've had this on my to-do list so now's the time. Just before the New Year David and I received news that one of our college roommates has a devastating brain disease, no cure, no treatment. We're both trying to wrap our minds around mourning a friend who is still alive. It's not Alzheimer's but I'll be making something in memory of Steven.
Oh yeah, really last but certainly not least, my dad came through his surgery just fine, that's the good news we needed.
Later Gators,


  1. You were more gracious than I would have been - I would not have set up under the circumstances and asked for my money back. Love both the donated and string quilt.

  2. Your zoo pics cracked me up! Thanks for sharing. So good to hear that your dad is doing well after his surgery. What a sweet Sandy aftermath quilt!

  3. Thank you for the fabulous giggle at the zoo end! That is a riot.
    Love the quilt you donated...serene and comforting. So glad you are getting your head back above water and back to the routine.

  4. What a pretty, pretty quilt you sent to Newtown. :)

    And that sign CRACKS ME UP!!

  5. Busy you! Glad to hear everyone is back to work. I love that quilt you donated, how beautiful.

  6. Good times and beautiful quilts! You always make me smile:-)

  7. Oh that final image is a riot! Sorry your fundraiser was a disappointment. That was a lot of work. Love your string quilt. Very pretty.

  8. okay I did not know that you received a IPAD?!! lucky girl!!!

    sorry again about your booth, you made it look super cute though!!!

    the quilts you shared are BEAUTIFUL! you always do amazing things and awe me!

  9. What a cute blog! I love your clever comments. Too bad about the show. You can never tell. The last one we did was touted as being a huge money-maker. Well, after show fees I think we split $50. Almost no-one showed up. You never know!

    Cheery wave!


  10. Loved your post. And, your booth at the craft show was very cute and inviting. Sorry it didn't go well, but on your part you did a great job!

    Love all your quilts, especially the one you donated to Sandy Hook. It will certainly bring smiles and much needed comfort.

    Very happy to hear the lock out is over. Yippee!

    And, very funny photos too!