Friday, November 30, 2012

Help! Questions for a New Adventure

If you read my blog, chances are you know these two and how much I adore them.

That's Brady Bug and Maya Grace better known here as the Terrible Twins, my two rescues.
Yesterday I received an email from a rescue group on the mainland asking me if I was interested in being a vendor at a craft show they are holding. Down here I donate quilts for auction and bake dog biscuits  but I've never been a vendor. 

But, how could I say no? Look at those faces wondering if I'll help others like them for the holidays.

So in my usual seat of my pants style I said of course I'll be there. Here's the problems, I have no idea what I'm doing, I'll take some baby quilts and wall hangings, stockings with machine embroidery on them and candles. I make candles for gifts so that's easy and I can have the embroidery machine running while I do other things. 

They supply a 60" round table so how do I do displays? I will have walls behind me (corner) so I can hang the quilts, but on what?
What do I need to take that I will never think of? I know to take change, do I need bags and where would I get them? 

Oh, did I mention that it's a week from tomorrow? LOL. I need your knowledge and advice. Even if you've never done this, what do you think I'll need, any ideas are appreciated. 

I probably should be looking for help saying No, but my heart led the way on this one and really it's an adventure, it's on the mainland so if I fall on my face, who cares? I'll probably meet some amazing, crazy people just like me. 

Look how happy it made Maya.

If you'd like to know Maya and Brady's stories it's here:

Later gators,


  1. Since you have walls to hang on - great for your wallhangings. I use coat tree stands for hanging quilts - cut a hole in a tennis ball and cover the 'pointy ends of the coat hooks and then use a rubber band to hold one corner of the quilt so it drapes down. Pretty baskets or old crates that can stack are good - you can carry your things to the show in them and then use them for display. Display in layers so people's eyes travel - flat is boring! Oh, and a pretty table clothe that drop almost to the floor - gives a clean look and you can stash you extras underneath. Make a multi pocketed apron for holding cash/change - ready access and then you don't take up space with a money box. AND wear a smile!

  2. You do get into trouble! Luckily you will have wall behind you. Use the 3M command large hooks with a cafe curtain rod or large wooden dowel between them for hanging baby quilts or even the stockings hung in a row. Or an old ladder can be leaned against the wall with folded quilts draped on it. Visually anything hung up or raised above the table surface is better. Like a small single step stool on the table can hold basket of items. Child's chair can work too.
    Brown paper lunch bags from the grocery store for the small items and dog treats. Because of short notice, you might just have to use a roll of ruffles trash bags for sold items.
    Don't forget "business cards".....with contact information! Good luck.

  3. I've never done it, but I think my display would involve lots of baskets.

  4. I'm so proud of you for doing this and I know the terrible twins are too.

    I think all the other recommendations sound great. Definitely pack some thin rope and clothes pins as you may find hanging the quilts, stockings, etc. work well. If you can find some large boxes that can fold flat for travel, take masking tape and open the boxes. They may work well behind the table, to give a layered effect as a staging area. You could also drape an extra sheet over the boxes (think of a 3 tier cake made from big boxes for more display area).

    Inexpensive sandwich bags work well for dog treats too and you can print a label & staple a printed label on top.

    Have fun. You'll do great.


  5. You are probably the best person to be doing this! YAY for you! if anyone can pull this off, you can! I am rootin for you!
    Hope the links I sent, help a little. *IF* you have time to read them!

  6. Just a thought - those clip on pants hangers are great for hanging quilts. For big quilts you'll need 2, just fasten the clips to the edgde of the quilt and hang them over the top of the wall. Mmm, did that make sense?