Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Free Motion Quilting Challenge November

November's Free Motion Challenge at SewCalGal's is by Sarah Vedeler, yeah, don't you love her style and the quilts she designs?
Her choice of free motion is one of my favorite "go to" designs, spirals, I really like the motion they give a quilt especially pinwheels.

That said, this month's challenge should have been a piece of cake, or pie this time of year, but nooo, I've never done them in a row like that, it was difficult and I think I concentrated too much on trying to make them perfect.

I wanted to do a pretty design that I've seen other people doing, it would draw your eye away from the imperfections :), but my machine is giving me fits, lots of tension problems. In about a week his chariot (van) will appear in the driveway and whisk him away for a week in the spa, let's hope he comes back less grumpy, I've been whispering to him about all of the new machines coming out and how good I've been this year, I think it's making him more ornery, he takes after me. 

Later gators,


  1. Must be it - trying to stay within the boundaries - looks like my 'organic' spirals!! LOL!! But you completed it, and that counts.

  2. Yours look much better than mine did. My machine was giving me trouble too, but after I threatened to take it for service, it stopped! Go figure.

  3. Sounds like you learned a bit about yourself too! I do thin it is the straight lines that mess us up after being use to the freedom to spread out or bunch up close. Almost done for the year, now aren't you glad we stuck with it?

  4. Your spirals are fine Dana! I think we all had the same issues with following the boundaries, most likely we were the ones who never colored inside the lines either :-)