Thursday, November 8, 2012

Check This Out

The FMQ Challenge at SewCalGal's for September left me fascinated with stencils, so I took advantage of the sale she offered and ordered a bunch and made a Carpenter's Star quilt just for them. 

I used two different stencils on the open white blocks.

I used half of the larger stencil for the triangle edges.

I just drew the corners, copying the larger stencil since it wouldn't fit no matter how I turned it, it's not as uniform as the stencil, but I'm happy with it. I darkened this picture so it was easier to see, of course I noticed the dog hair after taking the picture. The terrible twins are always involved in picture taking.

For the colored parts of the stars I just used a free motion leaves and vines all over pattern. I've seen beautiful feathers in those places but I wouldn't let myself by a feather stencil since I am going to conquer them in free motion. 

I'm amazingly proud of how this turned out, even though a little voice in my head says I cheated, but those voices also want me to eat cookies, so I ignore them :).

Later gators,


  1. Wowsa! You've outdone yourself girl! This is spectacular. And if that little voice keeps saying you cheated, I'd just go ahead and eat a cookie to shut her up.

  2. Beautiful job, Dana. Now you have me interested too. I love this quilt.

  3. Not a cheat in my practiced what you learned! Eat the cookies with relish. Super job on this one and all the improvements in quilting options.

  4. That sure is a beautiful quilt. Love the bright colours.

  5. That sure is a beautiful quilt. Love the bright colours.

  6. Really beautiful. And, I don't think you cheated at all. Even the First Lady of Free-Motion Quilting, the Great Diane Gaudynski uses stencils. Yes, she does free-motion quilting without stencils, but she also uses stencils. Same with Cindy Needham and most FMQ Experts! See, you are on your way of becoming an FMQ Expert!

    Great job.


    PS - Please tell me your trick of not listening to that voice that tells you to eat cookies. I finished off an entire box of TimTams in one night this week!